Detective of truth

If I could choose a profession today, I would like to become a “Detective of Truth”,  like a Sherlock Homes.
I know there isn’t a college or a University to study this profession. That is the reason  why I had to learn about my own ‘Truths’ going through the “University of Life”, investigating  myself in the first place, putting the magnifying glass on my own life.
Learning about the Truth of who I really am, I need to ask myself a question: “Do I walk my talk?”.
Or do I want to fit in the rules of our Society???

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News, May 18, 2019

And We Know 5-14-19… “SerialBrain2: Mueller-Rosenstein-Comey: The infernal trio” Video
Kauilapele’s Blog

SpehreBeingAlliance Video 5-8-19… “Jay Weidner breaks his silence on Corey Goode”
Kauilapele’s Blog
SpehreBeingAlliance Video 5-15-19… “Cosmic briefing – David Wilcock & Corey Goode reunion interview 2019” (We [are] getting close to the edge… with disclosure”)
Kauilapele’s Blog
One more note about the video, “Cosmic briefing – David Wilcock & Corey Goode reunion interview 2019” (Suggest going to 26 min. and watch from there)
Kauilapele’s Blog

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A Company Giant
Is losing its clients
Because of manipulating
The population

Through intimidation and bribery
They caused anxiety
Also using threats 
That could lead to deaths

Finally we see some Just

Their criminal activity went bust

Bombshell: Bayer discovers “black ops” Monsanto unit, shuts it down
Natural News
Monsanto kept dossiers in influential people in France and across Europe, previously paid Sir Richard Dol to alter school scientific research
Activist Post
The Media turns against Monsanto; here’s what happens next
Natural News
European criminal investigators closing in on Monsanto’s “black ops” unit that targeted journalists, regulators and lawmakers
Natural News
Monsanto had a hit list of influencers in Europe and paid off-key cancer researcher
Waking Times

I am not sure if I will be able to post on Saturday and Sunday!!!


FBI-CIA dispute erupts over whether Comey or Brennan pushed Steel dossier
Comey blaims Brennan pushed junk dossier in IC report
Comey turns on Brennan; claims he pushed junk dossier in IC Report
Both Comey and Brennan voted communist while Cold War was raging

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Time we want to stretch

Time we want to mold
Time in each breath
Time unfolds
Time in the future
Times of the past
Time for adventure
Time never lasts

But what happens when time doesn’t exist???
A message from the ‘team’: The hologram of time


Australian Official: Climate change is a U.N.-led conspiracy to establish a New World Order
Nataural News

All major U.S. cellphone companies guilty of privacy violations: Bombshell report reveals they track you and sell your location data to bounty hunters
Nataural News

Farage & Gabbard – Lions of the great realignment|

Tulsi Gabbard on Joe Rogan: Silicon Valley Is Throwing Free Speech ‘Out the Window’
Tulsi Gabbard on Joe Rogan Silicon Valley is throwing free speech ‘out of the window’
Breibart News

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The world of Queens and Kings

We love the world of Queens and Kings
Many dream of marrying a Prince
And when the wedding bells ring
We all sing
They seem to be special
Are they keen to become the successor

Is it a favor to be born in their cradle
Or is this a fable
Is there rival and competition
Is it all fantasy and fiction
Does our life look very pale

Compared to living in their ‘fairy tale’???

What is like to be Queen of England
Exposed: All the Queen’s agents and corporations that control the World

Leaked Document pokes more holes in establishment Syria Narrative

Dr. Dave Janda 5-14-19… “President Trump is about to “Hammer” Brennan & Comey” (and one other item) ‘sparked’ today’s mission)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Isaac Kappy, an actor talking about Hollywood pedophilia & naming names has died
Collective Evolution

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When I undergo a metamorphosis
An old chapter closes
It certainly isn’t painless
It isn’t because I want to be famous

No surgery, or an emergency
It’s my inner journey
From believing, a ‘knowing’ it sprouts
I am changing from the inside out

It feels like flying out of a cage
No longer believing in disease and old age
No longer being a victim of my DNA
Nor do I belief that my ‘body betrays’

What I believe I now dare to say
It is my time to feel free and to play

Why freedom from Brussels’ tyranny is worth a small loss of British GDP

U.S. Economy Dow plummets, whats next for U.S. Empire [Video]

Academic study exposed Google’s left-leaning media bias

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Youngsters so lost

Youngsters feeling so lost

At what cost?
Their pain sharp as a knife
When they took their own life

Their problems we undermine
When we miss the signs
Of their state of mind
When they left us behind

And confusion

And separation

Their inner fight

Took place out of our sight
Through our society deluded
When these youngsters felt excluded

Each time it leaves me breathless
Another young life lost so precious

I won’t let you go
James Morrison

America’s $1.6 trillion student debt crisis triggers suicidal shouts: Survey

Disturbing report finds that 20M American schoolchildren have been prescribed antidepressants
Natural News

“Major public health crisis:” Tween suicides spike after Netflix’s ’13 reasons why’

Benjamin Fulford 5-13-19… “Chinese threat to dump U.S. treasuries is elephant in room U.S./Chine trade war”
Kauilapele’s Blog

#Q #Anon 5-12-19… Q posts from today… “BOOM WEEK AHEAD”
Kauilapele’s Blog
[5.12] New QAnon: Boom week ahead/LA gun bust/CO shooting/NXIVM/VAX Censorship/Big Pharma [Video]

How lies become ‘Facts’ in US ‘News’

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News May 12, 2019

Pope Francis issues groundbreaking law requiring priests, nuns to report sex abuse, cover up

The EU is “The embodiment of bureaucratic hubris”

Prosecutors finally want to hear from Jeffrey Epstein’s victims

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Down the Rabbit hole

Here we go
Deep inside the rabbit hole
It will take its toll

Because there is no loophole

It depends on our free will

If we choose to swallow the ‘red pill’
It may feel uncomfortable and make us ‘ill’
Unfortunately it is the only way to proceed uphill

If we are willing to confront ourselves with the truths inside and outside ourselves we are able to grow and overcome our fear and anxieties. If we are willing to try to understand how we have been deceived and lied to, we can take back our power and our responsibility. We are the only ones that can do it for ourselves, for our planet and for humanity.

NeonRevolt 4-24-19… “Greg Graig, The Black Ledger, and the real Russian collusion story. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Richard Dolan managing conspiracy theories: How the CIA created the term [Video]

FBI used suitcase stuffed with cash during Papadopoulos sting

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Little angels

When a little angel returns to heaven
Parents are left with many questions
They only feel grief and disbelief…
Gone are their dreams

Gone are birthdays
And Christmas plays
Gone are celebrations
What’s left is devastation

And although you feel ‘bereft’
Because your sweet little angel left
In your Heart their name is forever engraved
Where precious memories are being saved

Fly – Celine Dion
Losing someone is always difficult. Losing a small child I can only imagine what it feels like! This beautiful song really says it all.

It seems that “Russiagate” is far from over, we might as well leave the word “Russia” out
Mueller his key evidence – Huge findings -has rigged Grand Juries for decades [Video]
FBI’s Steele story unravels – Claims debunked, leaks suspected before FISA application
Graig Murray: The real Muellergate scandal

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Blue jeans
Showing your knees
Jeans being made
In every blue shade

Jeans short and wide
Baggy and tight
Jeans impressive
Cheap and expensive
We all want to be seen
In a cool pair of jeans

82 Arrested in major pedophile bust in America

Christopher Steele made damning pre FISA confession; FBI retroactively classified

US-led coalition aircraft drop food, medicine to Daesh remnants in western Iraq: Report

Ex-NATO commander: Ban Russians from US & sanction key leaders including President Putin

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