Detective of truth

If I could choose a profession today, I would like to become a “Detective of Truth”,  like a Sherlock Homes.
I know there isn’t a college or a University to study this profession. That is the reason  why I had to learn about my own ‘Truths’ going through the “University of Life”, investigating  myself in the first place, putting the magnifying glass on my own life.
Learning about the Truth of who I really am, I need to ask myself a question: “Do I walk my talk?”.
Or do I want to fit in the rules of our Society???

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I can decide
Where I want to abide
And jump on the line
Of a different time
This one I  release
When I want to live in Peace
And I no longer cry
When I fly high in the sky…

Into space
To live in grace
I change the strategy
With my own energy
Where we are meant
To create great events
No one has a gun
Because Life is just fun

Watch live: Barr and Rosenstein discuss Mueller Report
Mainstream media is hyping up the Mueller Report release as some sort of key Historical event

Leaked Wikileaks Doc reveals US Military use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” weapons
Collective Evolution

The Notre Dame fire… two short 4-17-19 videos that present evidence of a false flag
Kauilapele’s Blog

NXIVM Sex-cult prosecutors have evidence of illegal Clinton campaign contributions for “Political Influence”

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News Apri 18, 2019

What was saved, what was lost in Notre Dame Cathedral

After 7 years of deceptions about Assange, the US readies for its first media rendition
Collective Evolution

27 Possible human graves found at Florida reform school for boys, where children were ‘locked in chains, beaten and raped’

#MeToo meets the shale boom: Anadarko whistleblower says women were treated like “Sexual playthings”

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Can you feel the change

Feeling out of ‘range’
Holding on to all you learned
In your own created world
You need to retreat

When a storm sweeps you of your feet
And when it comes your way
Don’t fight it, take it day by day
Let it lead you to untouched territories
To create new stories
Your life enters another phase
Be amazed and enjoy this new space

Wikileaks Document exposes a “Secret US Base on the Moon”
Collective Evolution

And We Know Video 4-15-19… “SerialBrain2: The “Oranges” of the Russian hoax: Yes, Obama spied on Trump”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Fore engulfs 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Stunning images show France’s Historic Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames

Everything on Bellingcat and the official inquiry into the destruction of Flight MH17

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A cry for attention

Often A loud voice
Makes a lot of noise
It’s a way to express

And to try to impress

They pretend to be

A tough personality
Often full of fears
Behind hidden tears

Feeling insecure
While their confidence is poor
Not able to find the right words
When their heart hurts

Don’t forget to mention
It is their cry for attention

SerialBrain2, 4-12-19… “The “Oranges” of the Russian Hoax: Yes Obama spied on Trump”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Secrets of NASA | The mystery files [Video]

The internet police is “protecting” you from free speech and thought

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The sky is not the limit

They say the sky is the limit
But the sky and beyond is the ticket
To become a free spirit

Reach for the stars, feel excitement
No longer be silent
And remember your assignment

Fly, fly high like a kite
Don’t hold on tight
But let it go and enjoy your flight

Cosmic Waves, Kp notes for the complete conference (4-8-19 to 4-13-19)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Holy crap!! 190413 1709 HST… Just had a 5.2 earthquake… The map
Kauilapele’s Blog

Why was Google+ was shut down? And a great alternative for it

Bodies of 82 school boys discovered in Florida were ‘tortured and sexually abused’

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News April 13, 2019

Skilled Army remote viewer reveals details about the ET presence on Earth
Collective Evolution

The CIA takeover of America in the 1960s is the story of our times – The killing of the Kennedys and today’s News Cold War

Julian Assange used computer skills to help police take down pedophile ring

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Is what I do

Of truth?
Is what I say

Did I just tell a lie
Because I was shy
Was I mean
Acting like a spoiled teen

Did I feel unease
When I wanted to please
Do I only tell the glory
Of my own story

Did I mix intuition
With ambition
The question is “What is MY motivation”
In every situation???

Full Ben 4-8-19… Undeclared Anglo-German war raging inside the G7
Kauilapele’s Blog

Sen. Cruz goes after Big Tech’s evil censorship to restore speech rights to all
Natural News

Q Anon/News – Panic in pursuit of truth presents [Video]

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In the morning I wake up and yawn
And I am immediately drawn
To a free concert
Given by birds

They sing high and low
Birds alone, or birds in a row
Feathers grey, bleu orange and green
Some hidden in a tree, unseen

They all come together
While some just netter
It is how they commune

Until late in the afternoon

EU, UK agree to six-month Brexit delay as Tory ‘Spartans’ demand May resign

Leaked emails expose Google as massive criminal operation
Natural News

Secret government documents reveal how CIA MKUltra program involved drugging criminals awaiting trial to “improve interrogation” process
Natural News

The Orsini Bloodline of Rome – The MAXIMUS Clan

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Letting go

I gaze

In the haze
Eyes full of fear

I can’t see clear

Feelings I didn’t know
Did show
They came unexpected
I felt disconnected

I did my best
To avoid my unrest
Feelings suppressed
Need to be expressed

I shouted
To let it out
I let my tears flow
To let it go

Emotions I needed to feel
Before they could heal

Gold & Basel 3: A revolution that once again no one noticed

Declassified documents reveal that the CIA used “weird” and “unusual” methods to experimentally induce amnesia in human guinea pigs
Natural News

Barr froms team to investigate FBI malfeasance during 2016 election
Barr reviewing FBI conduct during 2016 election in separate, wide-ranging probe

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Your Heart

Home is where the Heart is
How true is this!
When your Heart is your compass
You will become an empath
It will steal your show

When you follow wherever it goes

“Solving 911 ends all wars”

UK, US and France pushed militants for chemical attacks in Syria: Official

Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don’t you want our evidence on Democrats?

The fox owns the henhouse – When public safety is governed by private profit
Collective Evolution

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