Detective of truth

If I could choose a profession today, I would like to become a “Detective of Truth”,  like a Sherlock Homes.
I know there isn’t a college or a University to study this profession. That is the reason  why I had to learn about my own ‘Truths’ going through the “University of Life”, investigating  myself in the first place, putting the magnifying glass on my own life.
Learning about the Truth of who I really am, I need to ask myself a question: “Do I walk my talk?”.
Or do I want to fit in the rules of our Society???

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For ages Earth has been a crime scene

Looking at a distance
At our existence
Should we laugh or cry
‘Truth’ has been told through a lie
It feels like watching a bad movie
Everything seems to be gloomy:
The ‘movie characters’
Are really bad actors
Earth has many stories to tell

About ‘crimes passional’

Endless corruption
And destruction
She has always been
The perfect crime scene
For every delict
And conflict
Time for thorough investigations

Of every corrupt organization
Our planet deserves to be cleaned
Let our Nature once again be pristine

Benjamin Fulford 10-22-18… “Saudi-Israel “Axis of evil” being taken down by international alliance”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Johnstone:And embarrassing end may soon be near for Russia-gaters

FBI admits it used multiple spies to infiltrate Trump campaign

“ECB is worst-run Central Bank in the World” – Felix Zulauf sees 30% plunge in US stocks “taking the World with it”

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A wise teacher


I know of a wise teacher
A beautiful creature
All her lessons
Are given full of passion

Every child she meets
She greets
She knows indeed
What a child needs

Her wonderful smile
Makes you feel worthwhile
She does It all natural
It makes you feel special

How I wish for every child
A teacher to see the talents they hide

Putin lays down the Law at Valdai

NeonRevolt 10-18-18… “Soros’ Hollywood Rentboy…”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Headlines and Updates for October 19, 2018: Cabal doubles down on all-out war (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Claim: Big Pharma drug research facility just a front for government bioweapons development program
Nataural News

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A Storyteller

In the (near?) future when we look back on our present history, what will we say?

Once upon a time dear children
We as civilians
Believed we were brilliant
We held on to a vision
Driven by money and ambition
Neglecting the poverty of billions
Our planet became a prison

Now I tell you with shame
Our lives were lame
We lived in a mind frame
Where scientists would claim
And diagnose many as ‘not sane’
We had a few aims:
To have a high IQ of the brain
To become famous and put our name
On the wall of fame

We of the human race
Never believed in life in space
We had our base
On earth as our birth place
We always did debate
That exploring space was a time waste
But now we embrace
The idea: ‘To other civilizations we relate’
Our lives changed, we forever live in a ‘higher’ mind state

Hundreds of Syrian ‘White Helmets’ leave for West: Jordan

Former Air Force sergeant who claimed he saw NASA photos of alien base on far side of moon dies after tractor-trailer hit his bike

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Clocks are ticking
Time is ‘slipping’
It is our fate
When not on time, we are too late

The need something to achieve
Causes a lot of fatigue
Forget about leisure:
We are all under pressure

Forever busy
No time to feel giddy
It makes us all crazy
But otherwise we are lazy

Isn’t it ridiculous
Living like idiots?
Forever over booking
What are we overlooking?

We forgot how to feel
What is phony and what is real
Stop, and take your time
Do not undermine

The importance of a rest
Letting go of all the stress

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-15-18… “The fall of the Zionist house of Saud plus possible coup attempt in Russia”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Storm is upon us Video 10-17-18… “Q –  We are The Plan” “It’s time to turn off the media, follow your instincts, trust yourself and BE THE PLAN!”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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We leave behind an impression

Of our expression
And direction
A collection:

Of our footprints
Leaving a glimpse
Of our feet and toes
On a path we choose to go

The search in our life
And for all that we strived
May take a heavy toll
To follow the “Road” of our Soul

It is up to us to decide
To follow the Heart as our guide

Area 51 exposed: ‘Base insider’ breaks silence on ‘biggest UFO story of all time’

Late headlines and updates for October 16, 2018: YouTube Global outage (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Dave Janda 10-16-18… “Trump’s 4 triggers that are imploding The Deep State (Video)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Is the purge of independent Media a coordinated attack by the Military Industrial Complex?
Activist Post

Digital free speech zones are here
Activist Post

Freemason secrets in Mayan Architecture – Richard Cassaro (Video)

Love and protection


It gives a lot of satisfaction
To feel/give love and protection
It also feels tough
When the people you love
We need to let go
To ‘grow’

With love we handle
With love we can also “strangle”
Let our loved ones learn to make
Their own decisions and mistakes
On the process we must rely:
Let them go and let them fly

Veritas undercover exposes MO Sen. McCaskill hiding liberal agenda from moderate voters: “People just can’t know that”

What (the H-) is an #NPC? Jordan Sather explains… (and a couple hilarious ones I’ve found!)
Kauilapele’s Blog

This is an important message, see what is going on but be an ‘observer’.
Kp Message 10-15-18… “Remaining ‘on top’ within the polarities”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Dauntless Dialogue 10-15-18… “Declassifying the Secret Space Program” (VIDEO & article)
Kauilepele’s Blog

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To judge

Never judge someone by their appearance
You know nothing about their experience
Or about their knowledge
You might be astonished!

Don’t argue how to live in a system
Or about what is “real” wisdom
Don’t discuss how a life is fulfilling
Or when It is worth living

We may misinterpret
How ones life has to be led
Our life is not  “right or wrong”
We all sing a different tune in the same song

We are very good in judging ourselves and others! The problem is that we don’t know what is going on in someone’s life.

What do the lives of many ‘famous’ people look like?. What we see and hear about is just a very small part of their living conditions. It is the same in the political arena. Even if we believe that we know who “the good guys” are and who are “the bad guys”, we don’t have a clue  in what how they live. There are many people who do ‘evil’ things but they (and their families) may be mind controlled, blackmailed or threatened.

Benjamin Fulford 10-15-18… “The fall of the Zionist house of Saud plus possible  coup attempt in Russia”
Kauilapele’s Blog

NATO coordinates information war on Russia

Did Saudis, CIA fear Khashoggi 9/11 bombshell?

That SpaceX Rocket launch… like a terrorist event prevented (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

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Puppets on a string

To queens and kings

We cling
We,  the puppets on the string
They pull our cords
To keep us on board
While we listen to warlords
They push us to each side
From the left to the right
Their aim is to divide
From communism
To capitalism
Causing racism and dualism
A created situation
Their manipulation
Causing wars and starvation

It is our decision
To create a new vision:
To step past division and collision

The dream that I dream is a government that looks past division.
See what happened after 9/11 it is all about creating situations where we see each other as the enemy. The whole immigration problem has also been created.
When we fight with each other we forget to see what is really going on in front of our face.
It is time to realize that we are the creators, we need to take back our own power and see each other as a companion in life.

Marck Wauck, meaning in History 10-11-18… “The Russia hoax as contingency plan”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Mark Wauck, American thinker 10-10-18… “Trump, declassification, and leverage”
Kauilapele’s Blog

And we know VIDEO 10-13-18.. “SerialBrain2: ‘The maestro – come fly with me Rosenstein”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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News October 13, 2018

Jordan Sather on latest Q, human trafficking & child abuse news

FED Inspector turned whistleblower reveals system rigged for Goldman Sachs

Italy declares war on Merkel and the EU

Two 10-12-18 videos… SGTReport, “PROCESS & PLANNING, Law and Order (&GITMO)” (and bombshell info about) & “Internet blackout warning for next 48 hours”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Hillary Clinton loses security clearance following private server scandal
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The real reasons Hurricane Michael attacked Florida: an insider’s view )Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Must share: “Hurricane Michael” has been weaponized –
Natural News

Secure Team: I’ve never seen “clouds” do this… (Video)

Health News:
Paul Offit admits administering vaccines is a violent act –
Natural News

Doctors in Scotland are now prescribing ‘nature’ to their patients

Psst, kid, want drugs? I’m a psychiatrist

A designer

We are always transforming
Old ways of thinking reforming
It is not a mistake
With bad habits to break

We see ourselves as a failure
But in fact we are our own life’s tailor
In ourselves we need to invest

To design ‘a new dress’

We keep on designing
Forever refining
Old habits we are outgrowing
In life we are forever ‘sewing’

Trident Juncture 2018′ about to kick off: NATO’s big war games near Russia’s Borders never end

Speaking of censorship, here on 10-11-18, “Facebook deletes hundreds of pages, accounts for spreading fake news” (and don’t forget those “alternative Health Pages”)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Allum Bokhare 10-9-18… “”THE GOOD CENSOR’: Leaked Google briefing admits abandonment of free speech for ‘safety and civility”‘
Kauilapele’s Blog

PrayingMedic 10-11-18… “Qanon October 11 – Logic and critical thinking” (all about #Q post 2381)
Kuailapele’s Blog

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