Month: March 2018

The Rat Race

On the day we were born

We entered a storm
Beginning a new phase:
“Welcome to the rat race”
We came into a World of time
Everybody needs to stay in line
Until the day we die
The question is why?

From the day we entered our World, we needed to fit in.
We even receive our first score (Apgar score) on that day.

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CIA Agent Whistleblower risks all to expose Shadow Governent

The Shadow Government is NOT The Deep State.
President H.S. Truman (33rd President) 1945-1953 was responsible for setting up the CIA. In 1947 he signed the National Security Act CIA.
He later admitted that he thought that it was a mistake. He said that if he’d known what was going to happen, he would have never done it.

Listen to what the CIA Whistleblower (Kevin Shipp) has to say!
There is SO much information here!!!

Agent Whistleblower risks all to expose the Shadow Government
Uploaded by Dane Wiglington


What do we own?

We can own a house, a car, clothes, jewelry etc.
They can be our properties, and we can also lose them.
We can be married and have children, family and
Friends. We look after each other.
And when something happens to them, it may
break our Hearts, but we can never own them.
They are not our possessions.

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Our Financial System

The ‘Haves not’
Do not have what the ‘Haves’ got
The FEW ‘Haves’ have a lot
What they have is very ‘hot’
And the Political Hot Shots
Are stirring the ‘Economical pot’
Using this ‘hot spot’
Against  the ‘Haves not’
As a plot

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

~ Henry Ford, 1922

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History repeats, unless………

History repeats, unless we say no more
THEN History opens another door
If it is OUR desire
War Machines will no longer fire
Instead of spilling billions
Destroying the lives of Millions
We can take care of the living
And spend the money on giving

Do you share the same feeling as I do, that we seem to be living in ‘a bad movie’? And this movie repeats its self over and over again?

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Detective of truth

If I could choose a profession today, I would like to become a “Detective of Truth”,  like a Sherlock Homes.
I know there isn’t a college or a University to study this profession. That is the reason  why I had to learn about my own ‘Truths’ going through the “University of Life”, investigating  myself in the first place, putting the magnifying glass on my own life.
Learning about the Truth of who I really am, I need to ask myself a question: “Do I walk my talk?”.
Or do I want to fit in the rules of our Society???

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A tribute to Mother Earth

On Earth I walk
To Earth I talk
In my imagination
I share my frustrations
My visions
And decisions
When I pray
I hear her say:

Dear ones, for Earth’s evolution

We need a revolution
To clean up all pollution
And to create a new constitution

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