On Earth I walk
To Earth I talk
In my imagination
I share my frustrations
My visions
And decisions
When I pray
I hear her say:

Dear ones, for Earth’s evolution

We need a revolution
To clean up all pollution
And to create a new constitution

And then Earth explains: “My dear Children, let me begin by telling you that I love you beyond words”!
I have been your Mother for Eons and I would like to speak about what troubles my Being. I want to talk about POLLUTION:I hear your Politicians discuss Climate Change and what is causing this Change.
These same Politicians love to talk about going to war.
I have seen the War Industry making big money killing many people.
Ripping away whole families. You must understand you are killing your own species, your brothers and sisters. I have heard fathers and mothers cry over their losses shedding bitter tears, turning their Hearts into stone.

My Nature gives you everything. There is more than enough food to share, Nature is your Pharmacy. The Indigenous People knew about these gifts of Earth. Together we used to live in perfect Harmony.
Now I see and feel the devastation of manipulating my beautiful Nature and the weather on my Planet. I have heard many clever people say that chemical drugs are better for the human body than the Fruits of Earth.

You have been taking oil and gas from my body.  It is the blood running  through my veins and the oxygen for my body. You have been digging for many minerals, leaving big holes on my surface. Fighting over these possessions, using others as slaves.

I have seen the Human race killing my wonderful Animal Kingdom, misusing them
for your own benefits, for your food, but also killing many wild animals using them as your trophies.

I have felt hate, envy and greed. I have felt the grief of many generations starving.
Whole countries are living in poverty: deprived from their basic living conditions, while others live in great wealth.
You make a division between The East and the West. In the West many call themselves more ‘educated’. But don’t you understand that this inequality of living-conditions is the root cause of criminality?

In Earth’s History I have seen Religions fighting, instead of Unity they have caused
division on the surface of my Planet, while they should talk about Love and Peace.
I have witnessed the abuse of many young children, crying for help, but this big problem has been ignored for many centuries.
Men have ruled The World, misunderstanding The Power of the Female Energies,
they are important to restore the beauty of the Planet.
I have seen and heard Media outlets lying, publishing negative stories about other countries dividing my people.

All this my dear children is what I call POLLUTION.
It comes in many ways. It is the History of Earth.
You see to me: “Color, religion, man or woman, it doesn’t matter”. To me you are equal.
It is important to treat each other, my Nature, the Animal Kingdom with Respect.
Make contact with nature, send your much-needed love to make this planet beautiful again.

I have felt desperate far eons, don’t you understand, that this POLLUTION
nearly killed my Body, my Heart and my Soul.
Now the Time has come to reunite, to put your differences aside, to let Peace
be on my surface again.
It is time to live in abundance, in joy and to celebrate your life, because together WE ARE ONE!!!

………..I feel shame. I thank Mother Earth for all that she has done for us,
for her patience, for her love for Humanity, the love for all the living beings, her children.
And in my heart I ask her for forgiveness.  I made a promise to myself and to her
to start living more conscious and to respect all the Beings on this wonderful Planet called Earth.