History repeats, unless we say no more
THEN History opens another door
If it is OUR desire
War Machines will no longer fire
Instead of spilling billions
Destroying the lives of Millions
We can take care of the living
And spend the money on giving

Do you share the same feeling as I do, that we seem to be living in ‘a bad movie’? And this movie repeats its self over and over again?

The only problem that we don’t understand, is that we are actually the actors in this movie, and that we are also responsible for playing our ‘own part’!
Every day we tend to give all our power away to others (Leaders, Governments, Organization etc.) because we believe that they know what is better  for us. We truly believe that these people care about us.

We listen to the News and read our Newspapers, because we want to know what is going on in our World. They tell us about evil Leaders or about Religions in other countries,  judging them. We believe these stories, especially because they repeat the same message over and over again. Do you believe that our News Outlets are telling the truth about what is going on in other countries, often far away?

Because of these stories we feel Powerless, bad things just seem to happen to us, that have led to many Wars.
We feel like “the victims”, believing that we can’t do anything about these situations. Is this true?

When we go to War, who operates the War Machines? Who fires these guns, and who receives the bullets?
And when we survive the War, who looks after us?
Who has to live with these nightmares? Who has to  live with a “crippled” life?
All these brave men and women who thought they were fighting for the protection of their country, while the Leaders sat back, staying away from the frontlines.
And the Rich few became even wealthier because of the profits of these terrible Wars!

Isn’t it time that we find out who are really responsible for these Wars, that we the people are fighting for?
We need to ask our selves serious questions, Qui Bono (For whose benefit) from all these Wars.

There are many YouTube War Veterans who talk about the Wars, and what they really think about it. I chose to post this one:

An amazing speech by War Veteran Mike Prysner