We can own a house, a car, clothes, jewelry etc.
They can be our properties, and we can also lose them.
We can be married and have children, family and
Friends. We look after each other.
And when something happens to them, it may
break our Hearts, but we can never own them.
They are not our possessions.

If you look at our Society, it has a great
impact on our lives. It influences our way of
thinking, our behavior.  It influences
our (own) Personality, because we try to fit in
boxes and labels.
We tend to copy behavior because we don’t
want to feel different; an outcast.
While we try to adjust to our World, we forget
who we truly are, what makes us unique and beautiful.
Our “authentic” selves, disappears because we want
to feel excepted.

What do we really own?

Everything that we really own are our treasures,
our values: “The person who we really are”.
What are our treasures? :
We “own” our personality our own thoughts,
our dreams, our dignity, integrity, our creativity,
our truths, our faith etc.
We can’t put them in a box, or hang them on the wall.
To us they are precious, priceless, never for sale.
All these treasures are our own. We own them and
we owe it to us to look after them, they are our
As soon as we take responsibility for our own Life,
we take back the Power in our lives.
It feels like looking after our own garden. We have to water
our “plants” (take care of our own being:
Our physical body, our thoughts, our emotions etc. every
single day).

Although we may have the feeling that at times we have
lost our selves, it is ALWAYS there inside of our own Heart.
We owe it to ourselves to look for who we are, by asking
ourselves what is really important in our lives. Not living
by the rules of others.