On the day we were born

We entered a storm
Beginning a new phase:
“Welcome to the rat race”
We came into a World of time
Everybody needs to stay in line
Until the day we die
The question is why?

From the day we entered our World, we needed to fit in.
We even receive our first score (Apgar score) on that day.

And then real life, the rat race, begins. Our moms and dads are busy raising us,
to make us fit in our Society. We need to walk and talk, not in our own tempo,
but really fast.
We can not stay behind, because then we will not succeed in life!
That is the most important goal in life: TO SUCCEED!
When do we succeed? The word already says it;”When we are Successful”
Being a genius in everything we do, and we also need to look amazing!!!

We start school at age 5, and on that day our education has begun:
“To become successful”.
Yeah, we do look forward to go to school, being very enthusiastic because
we can make friends and enjoy learning.
Parents meet new parents, but unfortunately the most important conversation is about the results of the children (in whatever they do!)
It is the frustration of many children (and their parents) because our
whole life is about competing. (Bigger, better, faster, smarter etc.)

From that very first day at school, we also start to lose our creativity, because the focus at school is all about our intelligence, while this is actually a small part of who we really are.
The person who we were in the beginning, is fading away and at the end
of our education, we become: “The one size fits all person”.
This process continues when we go to College or to University. We always
need to fit in a group, or belong to something, that seems to be
important in our Society.

The focus in our lives is also about earning money, NOT on our wellbeing.
It is about the “outside” World, which is a cold World, where the “likes” are
important. Where you find your “friends” on Social Media!
No wonder that many children don’t feel comfortable, or “at home” on this
There is not much wrong with the people, but within the (educational) system where we live in.

A landmark study shows how most people are born brilliant and lose
their abilities to think like a genius over time in the educational system

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