The War in Syria to me, feels like a repetition of the War in Iraq.
The same story: “Bashar al-Assad is a dictator and he uses Chemical
Weapons on his own people” and the story about Saddam Hussein who had Weapons of Mass Destruction.
That is what our Western Media wants us to believe.
I must admit that I have become quiet “allergic” to our News, and each time
when another ‘lie’ is being told on our TV I just walk away, often feeling disappointed about what we hear, but I also feel shame. Shame, because Journalists do not investigate the stories they publish.
In our country a lot of people believe what they read and hear.
But many people are waking up asking themselves questions. It was also the turning point in my own life, the moment that I started to search for more information.
And I am very grateful for all the brave men and women who have come forward to tell about their experiences and share their vision on World affairs.

I selected this article to read, because I believe there is a lot of (Background) information in here.
History of CIA attempted Coups in Syria and how they created ISIS’
(The CIA has been trying to overthrow various Syrian Presidents as far
back as March 1949!!!)

In this video General Wesley Clark tells you how everything was well planned, taking 7 countries in 5 years:

The next Video is about an American Housewife who visited Syria (full presentation Boston November 2017):

And here is an independent journalist, Eva Bartlett who speaks at an UN Conference (December 2016) about Syria and she also answers a question form a Western Journalist

I hope that your view on the War in Syria may change after you have listened to these people in the Videos and after reading the article.
I believe it is very important for us to search for the background of what is really going on behind the Wars on other countries.