Forgiveness is a precious jewel

A very powerful tool
To take down that wall

And heal it all
Let go of all your fears
And your tears
It benefits your Health

Forgiving others and yourself
You can only win
Releasing the pain deep within

Forgiveness is the most important tool to open up your heart. It starts with forgiving yourself, for being too hard on yourself, beating yourself up because you believe you are never good enough. Accept who you are, even those parts that your are not very pleased with, it all belongs to you.

Whatever you did at a certain point in your life, it was your choice at that moment. When you look back, you may come to the conclusion, that it wasn’t the best choice. But at that moment you decided it was.
Shame and blame are emotions that are spilling your time. Going round and round in circles, thinking, overthinking, but it isn’t a solution.
We all know them, we all have them, now it is time to let them go.

Forgiving heals. If you don’t heal, you will ¬†suffer.
The unforgiving, the bitterness will stay inside your body. Often you build a wall around your heart to protect yourself from hurting in the first place.
But you must realize it will also keep your feelings inside, locked, while we need to release them. When you release it (in whatever way, everybody does it in her/his own way) then you will make place for other feelings, they can then enter your Heart because it is open for new and different experiences. When you confront your pain, you need to look it in the eyes before you can forgive and let it go. When you use drugs to suppress the pain, you don’t take away the cause.

Forgiving is hard work. Forgiving is not just saying words, but it is going through the pain, you can’t go “around” it, in order to let it go.
In my own opinion when you need to forgive other people, it can be helpful to try to understand the behavior of the other person.
Why is the other person acting like this? Where does it come from? Maybe Is it their own pain?
When people are angry, they often hide their own tears and fears. They don’t even realize that it is actually their own problem that they are reflecting on you. As soon when you realize it is their own pain, you can actually give it back to them, because you then you know it is not your problem.

Forgiveness makes you strong, it opens your Heart. It helps you to feel empathy. But most important of all, it makes you feel free, as if a heavy burden has lifted from you Heart.