Day or night
Black or white
Wrong or right
It is where I abide
In a World that divides
While deep inside
I hide
The tears that I cried
Feeling rejected
Not accepted
Ripping me apart
I search for that part
In my heart
Calling my name
And I reclaim
My inner flame
To end the dividing game
Because I realize we all want the same:


The Video below shows a teacher teaching the children in her class how easy it is to divide people. It is very interesting to watch how easy this process of dividing unfolds:

The day after Martin Luther King died a teacher tried a daring classroom experiment in discrimination (Division)

All day (often unconscious) we divide and judge. Judging is dividing in what we believe is “good or bad”. We often judge other people, without really knowing anything about them.
We learn it (dividing) at home from our parents, how they talk and think about other people and what they do. We divide at school, deciding with which children we want to play and who we leave out. In every aspect of our life there is division.
All day we are occupied ‘liking or disliking’. We seem to feel the need to judge,
to ‘label’ people and to put them in ‘boxes’.
We gossip and judge about others, mostly behind their backs. Whispering about clothes that are not cool, pointing at people who wear the ‘wrong’ shoes.
It puts people under an enormous pressure to adapt to the world around them. People are afraid to be rejected.
This is how you lose your identity, because we all want to feel accepted in the World  we live in, nobody wants to feel left out.
It is the reason why a lot of people (especially youngsters) smoke, drink or even use drugs when/where they cross a line to fit in a group, to feel accepted. They wouldn’t have done this if they were sober. This is how we lose our identity.

But why are we so occupied with judging the lives of other People?
Wouldn’t it be ‘cool’ if we would get on with our own lives?
Don’t we have anything better to do than judging/meddling in other people’s affairs?
If you really think about it, it seems so childish, foolish, unimportant. What difference should it really make what other people look like, or what they do?
How can we be so occupied with things that or so superficial?
What is the essence of our life???

What right do we have to judge others?
If we would accept ourselves and others as normal, the content of our lives would be very different.
Instead of ‘dividing’ everybody in you – me and them – we, we could all become just WE with our own identity. We would feel free to go through life as being the person who we really are.