Tell us dear children:

How to live as a Majesty
In a world full of fantasy
Where there is only peace
And everyone lives at ease
Tell us how to give
To learn to forgive
Do you hear angels sing
Do they all have wings?
Can you travel to the moon
Just sitting on a balloon?
Tell us how to adjust
To have faith and trust

Tell us the way
We all went a stray
Walk with us in a breeze
On meadows, under trees
Help us to undo
From this “physical glue”
“Things” we do not need
How to plant a new seed
Tell us how it is
To simply live in bliss
Where laughter and joy
Are your special toy

We must never forget
To re-connect
With that little child
That lives ‘inside’`

When we were young, we had our own fantasy world, using our magic, everything was possible, and we had invisible friends. We had that inner trust, that everything was ok.
We have talked about it before,  when we go to school we lose it all. We have to concentrate and to compete, leaving behind our creativity.
Instead of ‘daydreaming’ we need to focus on figures and letters. We have to be quiet, sit still and listen to what the teachers tell us.
If we are lucky, we can play after we come home but more often our days are fully scheduled’. (Sports, music lessons etc.)
After a long day, mom, dad and the children are hungry and after a bath or a shower the children are tired and go to bed.
Next day, same story……..
We lost our fantasy world while growing up.