What happened on 9/11 2001 has changed our lives. A new story started on that day, and it is still unfolding.
Think about the Airport securities and the message brought into the world about the so called ‘Terrorists’ ( the Muslims) on that day.
I remember watching our Media all day long, and believing every word they said. I never questioned it, why should I?
I am shocked that many people in the country where I live (Holland) are still convinced that this is the true story.
The reason why I am publishing this today, is because History is indeed repeating its self in Syria. I have already mentioned Syria in one of my earlier posts but I really hope that people will wake up and stop the insanity that is happening now.
(Today he US, Uk and France have decided to to carry out ‘precision strikes’ after Douma chemical weapons attack). But what is true about this chemical attack?

In the post about 9/11 today, I gathered some information linked to articles and/or YouTube films about 9/11.
Many questioned have been asked by experienced Pilots, Architects, Engineers, firefighters etc and their answers or views on the situation of that day contradict  the official story once told.
(There are also a lot of questions about the role of Osama bin Laden, we will investigate that story in another post).

911truth.org: “The 40 reasons to doubt the Official Story”

-Pilots take a few lessons and then fly in the twin towers
-The official story that has been told, is that terrorists took a few flying lessons and then flew two planes into the Twin Tower, one into the Pentagon and one crashed at Shanksville(Pensylvania)
-The plane at Shanksville got swallowed by the Earth
-Pilots with a lot of flying experience tell us that it is very difficult to fly two major Air planes in the North and South towers of the World Trade Center at that hight and at that speed.
-It is quiet impossible to fly a a Boeing 757 into the Pentagon!
-How can a plane slice through a steel construction and come out of the back of a building.
Normally the nose of the air plane and the wings will break off after it hits something solid. Many architects and engineers doubt the real story.
-A building can not implode in its self like the twin towers did. Jet fuel can not make a steel building (melt) fall down.
-Firefighters and witnesses heard explosions, starting in the basement and then

Retired NYC Firefighter Rudy Dent Tells the Truth about 9/11

-Building 7 also imploded, even if there wasn’t a plane involved in the collapse of this building
-BBC reports that Building 7 collapsed 20 minutes before impact
-How is it possible that the two buildings turned into dust, but hey, they did find the passports of the hijackers in one piece!

Many people have become ill after the 9/11 attack…