I want to share some more information about what is going on in Syria, because I believe that what we are told is a totally different story than what is really taking place in this country.

Us bombs Syria to cover up lack of evidence on Chem Attacks, discredits own claims by doing so (A lot of information in this article!!!)
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Mainstream Media cuts General’s Mic as he tells the truth on Syrian gas attack
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Breaking! Western lies on Skripal poisoning & Syria Chemical attacks come to light
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From Skripal to Syria: The Empire’s New Realities” are reaching the End of the Road

Take The Red Pill – The History of Syrian False Flags exposed

This is a Video-documentary from Tom Duggan. It shows where the poison gas really comes from!!

Just listen…

When you’re dying in a false flag Sarin gas attack…. but you also need to post a new pic for your Instagram followers!