Some are famous and rich
While others live under a bridge
This living condition inequality
Causes many to live in poverty
It is the essential cause of criminality
Changing their mentality
We judge all these crimes
Instead of asking about the ‘Why’s’
Time to let go of duality
And to create a new reality

We are very good in dealing with the symptoms of a problem. In my opinion we have lost our commonsense,  focusing on the side effects of a problem instead of going to the root cause.
Adding new rules to deal with all the issues around this problem.

Many people who live in a criminal environment have to fight for their existence. Their lives are under great pressure because every day they try to survive.
I believe it is our Birthright to not worry about our basic life circumstances:
To have a safe place to live, healthy food, clean water and a normal working sewage.
Studies have proven that there are still many (unnecessary) diseases in poor countries where there is little or no hygiene .
(Worldwide 663 million people do not have access to an improved water source and  about 2.4 billion people lack access to improved sanitation (more than 35% of the world’s population according to Every day over 800 children die from preventable diseases caused by poor water, and a lack of sanitation and hygiene, according to UNICEF)

I am fortunate to have a good life, but I am aware that millions of people do not know what it means to live ‘a normal life’.
If I would live in poverty, I know that I would steal if I needed to survive.
Many children live on the streets, having no future. No wonder they end up being a ‘criminal’, maybe dealing in drugs because it is a way to ‘earn’ money.
I don’t say that it is ok, but in my vision it is a logical result of their living conditions.

The argument that we seem to use all the time, is that there is not enough money for everybody to live under ‘normal’ circumstances.
I believe this is untrue. If you realize that a few people have trillions of dollars (or what every currency), we should ask ourselves: “How did these people become so rich”?
Of course there are people who have earned their money in an honorable way, but there are many of these rich people who have ‘robbed’ the money from the “normal People” (Listen to the video about our financial system).
Why do we pay all these taxes? Who decides? Where does all the money go???
We are used to hear that everybody needs to EARN their money, we need to work for our money.
But we could save a lot of money, reducing stress and criminality if we would have no worries about our day-to-day life.
As a result we would create a different mentality.
Is it Possible?

Our money problem is a created problem. Money has become a very interesting PRODUCT. The currency we use is made out of thin air. Look at the stock markets, or even at the banks, we only see digital numbers. But because we all seem to accept it, we think it works. When we all realize what is really going on with our ‘vague’ financial world, we could change the system.
And what about all the money used for Wars? We could use it for better living conditions. The Military Forces could help build countries instead of destroying them, investing in a better infrastructure.
How different would our World be!

Isn’t it time to wake up, to take back our Rights, instead of dealing with the ‘burdens’?  Our Rights belongs to us: “The People”
We always talk about fighting criminality. In my opinion the real criminals are in the top positions of our World, believing they are the “untouchables”. They can only live in this way, if WE accept it!
(When we Listen to the ex Whistleblower on our Secret Government, we have quiet a good impression where all the money goes)