When we think about advanced, we usually talk about technology:
Advancing, Enhancing, Realization, Innovation

But what does ‘advancement’ do with the (behavior of) people?
And what does a ‘advanced’ civilization mean?
In my own opinion it means:

No more confrontation
Causing isolation
And devastation
But navigating
Into creating
New Nations
A new generation
A true advanced civilization

Social Media
From telegram to Instagram
From a notebook to Facebook
I am now 61 years old and I can still remember the telegram.
Can you imagine what would happen if my great grandparents would wake up in our world today? They certainly would have a heart attack. Going from horses and carriages, to cars, trains airplanes etc.

They would be in shock if they saw a cellphone. (You can even make a photograph with them;))
Imagine them Skyping (or using FaceTime) with someone on the other side of the world!!
From texting on faxes to super fast computers, Great!
But………….It also has a downside;((
Think about having a lovely dinner with your partner, holding hands and with your free hand you are sending messages with your cellphone to your friends, sharing pictures of your dinner, very romantic!
Also amazing when I walk my dogs and I see all the teenagers (and grown ups) making Selfies while riding their bikes.
And how ‘social’ are we, being at a party, everyone using their phones instead of talking to each other.
We can connect to everyone all over the world, it is wonderful. It makes our World bigger (or smaller, depends how you look at it!)
But it is awful when we use social media for bullying or disgracing others.
It also isolates many people, because everybody is busy with their own phone.
Social Media, when it is used in a responsible way to connect with each other, it is a great tool. When not it makes us feel lonely and miserable.
See what happened with the advancement of Weapons.
In the early days we used bats, bows and arrows , spears and shields.
Riding on horseback killing animals and each other with these instruments.
Looking back at our History, we absolutely made great progress!
Now we use tanks and guns, missiles bio weapons, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons.
We do not only kill the people, but these advanced weapons can cause miscarriages, birth defects, they damage the whole environment causing devastation to all.
Is that a definition of being advanced? Advanced in what?

In the beginning we lived in harmony with nature. We connected with each other and with our environment.
In 1928 Alexander Flemming discovered the first antibiotics, it was an important invention in the medical world. The problem now is that antibiotics has been ‘overused’ and many ‘bugs’ have become resistant for antibiotics.
A lot of progress is being made in the many facets of the world of medicine, think about surgical interventions etc.
The downside is that we have created a World of drugs, ‘advanced drugs’.
Many people became dependent on them, because for every illness there is a drug, and for every side effect we need more pills. We have become addicted to these pills.
Unfortunately Healthcare is not all about wellbeing, it has become a Money Industry!
Many people debate that we have become much older than in the old days. But the real progress we achieved, was when the hygiene standard became much better.
(See the post about criminality)
Have we become more advanced making progress in our Health system?
We have created an age of advanced drugs!

Today many people have the chance to go to University, but there still is this very primitive instinct of wanting more, feeling better than, killing each other.
In my opinion as long as we can’t deal with this primitive instinct, we are not an advanced civilization!

-Are innovations going to be disclosed in the near future helping us, the human race, to evolve???
-Are more advanced civilizations living on other planets, galaxies?
-How advanced were very old civilizations, living on Earth?
(More information on these subjects in future posts)