Western Modern medicine

Is the Medicine Benjamin
It has only just begun
Still very young

What happened to the wisdom
The knowledge of Nature’s kingdom
When many lived in harmony
Using Nature as their Pharmacy
Understanding the healing powers

Of fruits, herbs and flowers
Knowing that insects
Had their own intellect

What went wrong in nature, is man’s hand
Manipulating it into their own brand!

Modern Medicine is only just over a hundred years old (young). Today Western Medicine and the big Pharmaceutical Industry rule the most important medical system in America and in the Western World.
Rockefeller didn’t like any competition in the Western Medicine World that is why¬†they don’t accept any other type of medicine like: Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy¬†, Holistic medicine herbal medicine etc. These types of practicing medicine for over hundreds or thousands of years were unscientific quackery!!!
This is the reason why our Modern Western Medicine is the standardization of Medical education in the US and in many Western countries.

In my opinion the Western World doesn’t look for the cause of a medical problem, we only treat the symptoms. There is a lack of logical thinking and it means that everybody who has the same symptoms (or who seems to have the same symptoms) receives the same treatment, because we stick to “The Protocol”.
Even if I live in a free country I can’t make my own decision in which treatment I would prefer to receive, because the Insurance Company decides which treatment I need. We are all treated in the same way.
These days many people suffer from cancer. But even if there is a lot of research to fight cancer, in modern medicine the correlation between healthy food and good health doesn’t seem to have any of their interest.
And what about all the products that we use daily, are they safe?

When you turn on your radio, or listen to the television, all the conversations are about illness, insurance, becoming dependent when we become older.
We hear about creams that make you younger. Plastic surgery and fillers for you to look more attractive and beautiful and pills to keep you fit.

We have drifted away from our ‘original self: “Knowing, following our intuition what is good for us, connecting with nature and understanding her gifts”.
We have forgotten about our own Healing Power and how important our own thoughts are for our wellbeing.

This is a very interesting article, where our Western Medicine has come from. Who developed it and how it ruled the knowledge of any other type of medicine.