The news paper
Is a news maker
News breaker, or faker?

We watch our news
Often confused
Hearing their truths
At the tv we stare
With despair
At our world affairs

Time to become aware

Of what is REALLY there
News that is fair, given with care

When we read our newspaper, or when we sit in front of our television listening to the news, we believe it is of the truth!
That is why many people don’t believe in conspiracies, because why would journalists or news readers in our country lie to us?  Why would they manipulate us, telling us untrue stories about other leaders and other countries?

At least that is what I used to think years ago.
When I became interested in looking for more information about certain events that took place, I really was in shock and at first I couldn’t believe it.
Especially when you grow up thinking about other countries as ‘bad’ or ‘hostile’ and believing you live in a country with the good guys. When you believe that you can only have Peace when you have an army to go to war to protect your country against ‘invaders’. When you live in that mindset, it is logical to think that you feel safe in your country and the countries around you with a well-trained army.

It is not only the information that we receive on our news outlets about wars, it is also how it shapes our opinions on many important events (Elections in other countries, Climate Change, Terrorism etc) going on in our World.
But once you read many articles with a different point of view on certain situations and the background of that situation, your look on life slowly changes. And at a certain point in your life, you become aware that situations repeat its self.
It can be difficult to try to find your own way learning about World Events  because there is also a lot of disinformation.
Actually it is best to stay neutral about the many things that are taking place around you and far away. Listen to your gut feeling about the (dis)information coming your way and look at it from a ‘distance’, knowing that the news is often given from a source that influences your opinion.

One day our news will be given with genuine information, not dividing us any more but given with care. The same information will be given to every Nation on this Planet.
The news that we watch every day, doesn’t show us all the good news, the many people who stand up for their truths, the people who care about their country, the Human Species, the Animal Kingdom and the World.
We have become sick and tired of all these stupid ‘games’, where certain people are spilling our money, and our news outlets are only interested in showing us the negativity in our lives.
There is only a very small group of people controlling our lives, and this small group of people decides what we hear and see in our newspapers, and what is shown to us on our televisions.

Now there are many people around the World  that have become aware about what is taking place, and what is really important in their lives.
These groups of people are growing day by day, connecting Countries and Continents. They realize that we are all connected and effecting each other, that we actually all have the same goal on our minds:

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