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Is the Hawaii Volcanic eruption natural?

Two very interesting articles about what may have caused the Hawaii Volcanic eruption:

Did fracking cause the Hawaii Volcano eruption (By Jon Rappoport)

Evidence grows that Hawaii Volcanic eruption caused by Puna Geothermal Venture

From high in the sky we go ‘Deep inside earth’

I have vivid dreams
With different themes
I once heard
About the mysteries of Earth
Deep inside
Where faeries reside
Where gnomes tell myths
About Earth’s shifts
What we can’t explain or see
Scientists say it can not be
Because it is far too hot
To live in this “inner spot”
But Earth’s wish
Is to give us beautiful gifts
To keep an open mind
And be surprised what we may find

The Hollow Earth maps of the Third Reich: There is an entrance to the Hollow Earth

The Hollow Earth – The Great Picture

Secrets of the Hollow Earth (Much more information if you scroll down after reading this article)

Inner Earth Civilizations – Hollow Earth Theory is a reality (For those who prefer to watch a video) On the side bar of this video, more information)
Mystery and Discover VI

What happens in our skies?


When I am counting sheep
I fall into a deep sleep
In the middle of the night
I take a flight of great height
On my magical broom
I am of to the moon
I meet the Sun and the Stars
Leaving behind  old scars
I go deep into the Universe
All negativity is reversed
I feel fearless, no shame
No need to play a blame game
No space for blunder
Only to live in wonder
It is where I surrender
And hope to remember
When I return back to Earth
What my lessons were worth

What do we know about what happens in our skies, what is going on up there???

New Death Bed UFO testimony from high level Canadian official

The Pentagon UFO Program: Key points that the mainstream Media completely ignored

Nikola Tesla’s rare interview
Collective Evolution

Former Obama pilot who saw UFO talks to Fox News (Also Video)

Top Military and Government officials testify on UFO Cover-up

Eisenhower and his Alien contact

Hitler’s secret flying saucer: Did Hitler plan to attack London and New York with a flying saucer?

Third Reich – Operation UFO (NAZI Base in Antartica) Complete Documentary
Elf Wave

I left it behind

In my mind’s eye
I saw it pass by

A part of me so sore and raw
For life, I held on to a straw
It hit me right into my core
When it knocked at my door

But I said bye-bye
No more tears for me to cry
I No longer ask who and why
I left it behind with a big sigh


We wipe away bacteria unseen

With products to clean
Bathrooms, kitchens and closets
Every time a different product
We also hate terrible smells

Many fragrances on our shells
We want to look amazing
Beautiful eyes gazing
Our teeth whiter, hips tighter
Our washing brighter

Our lives are controlled
With a product-overload

Advertisements used
For us to be seduced
They touch that special core
For us to buy for ever more
Always cleaner and better
Than the latter….
But is it safe and true?
Let’s look at an overview:

This is just the beginning of a long list (much more to be revealed in another post) of ‘things’ that we find in our products that we eat or use daily, thinking that we are being protected. Believing that our Governments have the best interest in looking after their own people!
But when you read about the ingredients in these products, it is shocking to learn about what the effects of using these products can do to our health.
Talking about criminality!!!
Actually I am amazed that we are still alive…..

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Our life book

We write a personal book
Every one, a different out look
Letters and words, form sentences
Becoming our remembrances
In each new chapter
We tell more about the character
This is how we craft
Another paragraph
Stories long or short
They reflect our thoughts
No one else writes the same
We write it in our own name
Every single life
Is reported in Earth’s Archive
All reports are stored
In The Akashic Records

I found this description about the Akashic Recoreds in Wikipedia:
The Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.
They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical pane of existence
Known as the etheric plane. There are anecdotal accounts but no scientific evidence of the Akashic records.

Edgar Cayce I The book of life

An Army of love

Many people envision
An army with a mission
At life’s turning point
They will be joined

To become a love courier
A new type of warrior
Not to hurt or to kill
But to use new skills
Now they ‘fight’
For the light
With their swords

They cut through the cords
Of corrupt ties and lies
A new world will arise
Protecting us with their shields
Old wounds will be healed
To bring in a new situation
A higher love vibration

Contrails vs Chemtrails

Spraying in skies so blue
Telling us things untrue
It is how they allowed
Our skies to be filled with clouds
Is this how they arrange
A climate to change?

When “Contrails”
Leave behind long tails
Crisscrossing on a large-scale
The Contrail-tale fails
Our Health is not for sale

Damage caused by Chemtrails

Contrails vs Chemtrails: Identifying the Differences
I found this explanation on the internet: Contrails vs Chemtrails, the two can easily get confused as one is similar to the other. Contrails themselves are condensation trails formed when moisture from hot engine exhaust instantly condenses into ice crystals, usually when they are way above 35,000 feet. Contrails are classified into two types, an Exhaust Contrail which is formed from the exhaust of the aircraft, and Aerodynamic Contrails which are formed by the temporary reduction of air pressure over the surface. Unlike normal contrails in the air, chemtrail plumes are laid in parallel lines in grid patterns and shaped X’s over towns, cities and rural areas. The hidden chemicals released in a chemtrail is the key difference between the two trails. These chemicals lead to the main cause of concern for protecting your health from these potential looming chemicals in the air.

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Sunrise, sunset

Each morning is a surprise
To watch the Sun rise
To see with my eyes  
How Earth meets the sky

Red, orange or gold
Watch how a miracle unfolds
Earth feels blessed
Clean and refreshed

Sun sets at the end of the day
Saying goodnight in her own way
While she disappears in the sea
The moon shines for free

When the Sun sheds her light
The whole world becomes bright
Impressed by Sun’s magnitude
I truly live in gratitude


We give and pay
They take and play
Everything they fix
With digital tricks

They play a game of poker
While we are used as the Joker
We need to delete
A system that cheats

It is time we awoke
Before we go broke

Do we really need a Government?
In the Ronald Bernard YouTube film Part 2 (Interview Ronald Bernard ) he talks about our financial system. We already know that our money system is actually corrupt. Our Governments depend on this monetair system.
In my opinion the Multinationals have a lot of influence on our Governments. And I also believe it actually makes no difference for whom we vote (left or right).

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