Russia “did it”
Whenever it fits
The Media Circus unfolds:
First the War was Cold
Now whenever the news is hot
Putin is behind the plot
Putting countries under pressure
He is the aggressor
From Meddling in Elections
To Doping Detections
Being the bad guys
They also poison spies
There is much more in store
That needs to be explored
Next time our news is being told
Don’t follow it blindfold!!!


I found these two YouTube films about doping violations, 2016 at:
Futurist Trendcast

There is more……

3 Articles about the  poisoning of Sergej Skripal and his daughter Julia Skripal in Salisbury:
– Salisbury Incident Report: Hard evidence for soft minds

-“She is risen” The last act of drama ‘Novichock: ‘The Skripals’ Resurrection”

– Salisbury Nerve Agent attack reveals $70 Million Pentagon Program
(There is SO MUCH information in this article )
The Pentagon spent $70 million at Porton Down (UK Military Laboratory near Salisbury) on military experiments using deadly viruses and chemical agents in their tests.

Who is Putin and why do the West have a problem with him?
– The simple truth of Vladimir Putin’s diabolical plan