Is a Minister of Health really in charge of our wellbeing?
Is he/she well-informed/experienced in the field he works to safeguard the Health of the people of a whole country?
It is a very responsible and an important role he needs to perform.

Which education, qualifications and experiences does the Minister have for this specific position?
Does he have a ‘Official Job Interview’ to show the necessary Diploma’s for this job? What about his experiences in the Health care system?
Is he interested in the background of the Health system? Does he understand the importance of good nutrition in relation to a feeling of wellbeing?

I believe every Minister should have at least two years of experience, gaining expertise before he becomes a Minister.
They need to visit Hospitals and Institutions concerning our Health to be well-informed and to be involved in the Health Care System.
Also it should be a must to interact with people working there to learn about the importance of working in a Healthy Environment for Doctors, Nurses and the many people who work in the different disciplines in the Health Care and of course what is best for the Patients!

Making decisions is important but how many influence does he really have?
What are the decisions he has to make, based on?
Is our Minister in charge of choosing the right products and procedures in Hospitals/ Health Care System or is it in the hands of the Pharmaceutical Industry/ Food Industry”?
And how big is the influence of  the Insurance Company? Are they concerned about the wellbeing of the people or do they only want to negotiate for the highest price?

Where is the transparency?
What does a Minister living in his “own World” know about us, what does he know what is the best for the people?
How does an Insurance Company decide what treatment I need, what if I would care to receive a different treatment?
Are our foods and products that we use in our homes daily, safe?
Are the medicines that we receive well-tested before we use them? What about their side effects? Are we well-informed? Are the prices that we need to pay reasonable?

Isn’t it about time, that we ask serious questions concerning our own Health?
We are talking about our wellbeing and we give it out of our hands, believing that people who are responsible for our wellbeing make the right decisions.
Many people will say that our wellbeing is our own responsibility, and of course this is true. But my biggest problem is, that we are not well-informed about the products that we use, and the food that we eat. Because we can buy them in our shops, doesn’t automatically mean that they are ok. The same can be said about our medicines, many people are dependent on them.

Every Minister in a Government should be chosen for his/her qualities and experiences in that field where is to become a Minister