No time for hesitation

The need for vaccination
Immunization, in every Nation
Is our destination

We are ‘Selected’
Before we are ‘infected’
To be injected

Then we are protected!!!

For doubt there is no place
It is right in your face
They say it is the case

“They are safe, evidence-based”:((

What does Evidence based mean?
It means that it is supported by a large amount of scientific research. But who are these scientists, these experts?

Before I wanted to share this information I did a lot of searching on the internet myself. I looked for articles that were critical about vaccines, especially those given to little children.
The articles that promote vaccines want you to believe that they are well-tested.
We can only know what the consequences of giving children an enormous amount of vaccinations are, when we look back on this period in the future.
Even if our view on vaccines is positive, we need to look at the side effects that could be linked to vaccinations. Can they be the cause of other more chronic diseases?
It is difficult to find critical articles written by scientists on the internet. I was very pleased to find this article with SO MUCH information!

World renowned scientists have their lab shut down after troublesome vaccine discovery (Very good article, don’ forget to click on all the links!)
Collective Evolution

When you open this link unseen contamination might reside in vaccines in 2016It shows you this article: “Dirty Vaccines”. I was especially interested in the vaccine called  Infanrix Hexa (as far as I could find it on the internet, it is used in European Countries (maybe not all)

Samples of an infant vaccine called Infanrix Hexa (against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, poliomyelitis and haemophilus influenzae type B) manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline was found to contain stainless steel, tungsten and a gold-zinc aggregate.
(Other metal contaminants included platinum, silver, bismuth, iron, and chromium. Chromium (alone or in alloy with iron and nickel) was identified in 25 of the human vaccines from Italy and France that were tested.)

People who promote vaccines want you to believe that you are protected against the diseases.
Studies show that vaccinated individuals could spread disease.
Should the recently vaccinated be quarantined to prevent outbreaks?

Outbreak of mumps under students (99% were vaccinated against mumps

The reason for vaccinating children, is to protect them from dis-eases. That of course is a good intention.
I believe that priority number one should be the safety of a child: good health (think about Hygiene, well-balanced nutrition etc.) This also seems to be the reason that diseases already seem to decline before the introduction of immunization.

Another article:
Vaccines did not save us, 2 centuries of official statistics:

What I really find amazing is, that we want to protect (very) young children from becoming ill, while we let doctors  inject babies from the young age of 6-9 weeks with a cocktail of different vaccines. (In Holland: First shot DTKP(or DTaP)-Hib-HepB and second shot Pneu.

Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Kentucky 2001 said:“A single vaccine given to a six-pound newborn is the equivalent of giving a 180-pound adult 30 vaccinations on the same day”

The ingredients of vaccines are the disease-causing virus,  bacteria, toxin plus all the added ingredients to make the vaccines.
People who make them, claim that they use a small amounts of these ingredients in every shot, this is the reason why they need to repeat the vaccinations to become immune for certain diseases.
My biggest problem with the whole vaccination program, is that they vaccinate it into a little body of a very young child (no matter premature or normal) that is still adapting to a world in which it is born. Think about the organs that are vulnerable. While they are getting used to this new environment we let them receive ‘unnatural ingredients’ that their body has to fight against.
I came across information saying that when a child comes into contact with a childhood disease in the natural way, the body will attack it with its own immune system, because it is a natural contact. That is why it is crucial to make sure your little baby needs to grow up becoming strong through healthy nutrition!
Instead of making it ‘sick’ through vaccinations it is better to make your baby strong and healthy!
When you vaccinate you use’ force’, the body doesn’t ‘understand’ this unnatural invasion and isn’t quiet ready yet to attack all the different ingredients at once.
Common sense???When I was young (born in 1956) children received DTKP shots. At the age of 2 years we received 5 shots, one at a time. I remember if there was an outbreak of a childhood disease, our parents told us to go to the children who were infected, so we would go ‘through’ the disease (and our siblings) ourselves.
What other ingredients do you find in vaccines?
Vaccine ingredients

What about this information: (For us healthcare professionals)
Important safety information for Pediarix Infanrix and Kinrix

(For the critical thinkers, some more information here):

J.F.K. Kennedy Jr Mercury project

The vaccination subject in Europe is becoming “a hotspot”. More people doubt the effectively and the necessity of vaccinations.
An article from Jon Rappoport ( about the European Union:
Europe under the vaccination gun: an expanding tragedy
In this article he describes that Europe is moving closer to mandatory vaccination
collaborating between the EU and Big Pharma Companies. Key high level meetings are being held in secret:
Jon Rappoport

In The Poisoned Needle doctors already warned for chronic diseases in the future:
The Poisoned Needle – Suppressed facts about Vaccination

Eleanor McBean

Vaccination Condemned Chap 2