We give and pay
They take and play
Everything they fix
With digital tricks

They play a game of poker
While we are used as the Joker
We need to delete
A system that cheats

It is time we awoke
Before we go broke

Do we really need a Government?
In the Ronald Bernard YouTube film Part 2 (Interview Ronald Bernard ) he talks about our financial system. We already know that our money system is actually corrupt. Our Governments depend on this monetair system.
In my opinion the Multinationals have a lot of influence on our Governments. And I also believe it actually makes no difference for whom we vote (left or right).

Before the elections, our Politicians step out of their own created world going ‘on tour’. They visit cities, talk to people, but all the promises made by the many politicians often fade away after the elections are over.
The local Politicians are much closer to the people, but in the end they also depend on ‘the Central Governments’ and their money stream. As long as our money system doesn’t change, Governments won’t change.

We should also question ourselves if we really need all these rules to live a normal life?
I have already talked about criminality and what I believe is the core issue of criminality .
If we don’t have to worry about the basic things in our lives, we will thrive and enjoy our life. We can open up to our creativity, and we may find different solutions to our problems, approaching them with a different point of view.
When we are satisfied with our lives, why would we become a criminal?
Why would we need drugs or alcohol?
Being content with the person who we are, we no longer need to pretend to be some one we are not.

In neighborhoods and communities there are always people who are born leaders, and there are many people who are followers. A leader is not a better person, and she/he should not be adored or blindly followed like a guru, but this person has the qualities, talents/skills  to lead other people.
When we could focus on our skills and talents we would help each other and  look after each other, concentrating on the wellbeing of ourselves and others.
Every body has a special skill to add to a community.
We don’t need big organizations or governments to tell us what we need or what we need to do. We could provide it for ourselves. We could grow our own food, and instead of being dependent on Multinationals we can work together with farms in our own neighborhood. Manufacture our own clothes, make our own furniture etc. using the skills of the people who live there. Nobody would ever be out of food or clean water because we would live in a community that looks after each other. We will take care of the elderly and the children. Kids would grow up in a safe environment where they can play, use their creativity and thrive. Children can learn from the wisdom of the elderly.
This system would function in a different way, creating a different lifestyle, a friendly way of living and we would learn to respect every one in the community using compassion, instead of aggression.
Instead on focusing on our IQ and on earning money we would be busy developing the special qualities of every living being.

The goods we couldn’t provide for ourselves, we could get (maybe swap) form other communities.
The advantage of such a system is, that we would  know what we eat and drink and everybody is looked after. It would be a fair system, because we would live a happy life not only surviving, but doing what we do best, without the need of competition.

It would be a system growing from the inside out, instead of receiving orders from ‘outside the community’. A community thriving by its self.