Spraying in skies so blue
Telling us things untrue
It is how they allowed
Our skies to be filled with clouds
Is this how they arrange
A climate to change?

When “Contrails”
Leave behind long tails
Crisscrossing on a large-scale
The Contrail-tale fails
Our Health is not for sale

Damage caused by Chemtrails

Contrails vs Chemtrails: Identifying the Differences
I found this explanation on the internet: Contrails vs Chemtrails, the two can easily get confused as one is similar to the other. Contrails themselves are condensation trails formed when moisture from hot engine exhaust instantly condenses into ice crystals, usually when they are way above 35,000 feet. Contrails are classified into two types, an Exhaust Contrail which is formed from the exhaust of the aircraft, and Aerodynamic Contrails which are formed by the temporary reduction of air pressure over the surface. Unlike normal contrails in the air, chemtrail plumes are laid in parallel lines in grid patterns and shaped X’s over towns, cities and rural areas. The hidden chemicals released in a chemtrail is the key difference between the two trails. These chemicals lead to the main cause of concern for protecting your health from these potential looming chemicals in the air.

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