We wipe away bacteria unseen

With products to clean
Bathrooms, kitchens and closets
Every time a different product
We also hate terrible smells

Many fragrances on our shells
We want to look amazing
Beautiful eyes gazing
Our teeth whiter, hips tighter
Our washing brighter

Our lives are controlled
With a product-overload

Advertisements used
For us to be seduced
They touch that special core
For us to buy for ever more
Always cleaner and better
Than the latter….
But is it safe and true?
Let’s look at an overview:

This is just the beginning of a long list (much more to be revealed in another post) of ‘things’ that we find in our products that we eat or use daily, thinking that we are being protected. Believing that our Governments have the best interest in looking after their own people!
But when you read about the ingredients in these products, it is shocking to learn about what the effects of using these products can do to our health.
Talking about criminality!!!
Actually I am amazed that we are still alive…..

The FDA is blatantly hiding the fact that glyphosate is contaminating many foods in you pantry (There is much more information about what is “in our food” that shouldn’t be there, just wanted to post this, it came out this morning)
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