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Search in life

I never knew, or had a clue
Of answers hidden in me and you
My oh my, they are hard to find
When feeling completely blind
Looking for the imprint
Of my life’s labyrinth
Searching inside the Soul
For the unique scroll
Following my navigation
To find my destination
Finally when challenges fall in line
I appreciate the experiences being mine

From caterpillar to butterfly

We only see a “glimmer”
Looking at a caterpillar

Of what has just begun
And what is to come
It loves to cocoon
In the shadow of the moon
Going through a phase
While the old has been erased
Going into a new direction
They look for protection

Do you know why?
To become the beautiful butterfly

We human beings do the same
In our own time frame
We go through different “stages”
Sometimes it seems to take ages!

Different news, another outlook on world affairs!

Full article of Benjamin Fulford 6-18-18…
“Rebirth of Manchuria plotted as Europe faces summer of discontent”
Every Thursday Benjamin Fullford gives a full report (The first half appears on Mondays).
His view of what is going on our Planet, he seems to have contact with different reliable sources. (Don’t forget to click on the links!)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Actually this is the latest Full ARTICLE from Benjamin Fulford;(( 6-25-18…
“Western civilization continues to implode as old paradigms cease to function”
Kauilapele’s Blog

More information given by Cobra (Portal 2012), he works for the Resistance Movement:
Portal 2012

I found another interesting article on Kauilapele’s Blog:
Joe Masepoes 6-25-18… “Q – The plan to save The World” VIDEO (#Q#QAnon) (All I can say is, ‘WOW’!!!”)

Kauilapele’s Blog

Information about our ‘climate change’ (It doesn’t mean that we are not responsible for what we are doing to our planet!):
The “Global warming’ hoax: 30 years of failed predictions that never happened!
Natural News

To unknown souls

To you I was unknown

I saw your Heart turn into stone
You were not aware
That actually I did care
You fought an inner fight
With no de-light
Your Spirit 

Was no longer vivid
Deep wounds you couldn’t mend
That is how your life did end
Fare well on your journey dear Soul
Going home, to become whole
May you find relief
Love and Peace

I believe there is a solution for every problem, and to never give up. To open up to people that you can trust. Sharing, writing, crying let it all out. You need to find out what ‘fits’ you best, it can even be running, boxing, swimming etc. just anything to get this negative energy out of your system. It is important to let it flow in order to let it go. Find your own way, dare to look beyond ‘normal’ solutions, there are many out there. This poem is dedicated to all the doling souls that went home. But please don’t give up!

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Use your:

To lay down A new foundation

Now let it emerge
And create your own Universe


Nature is a like a dream
She is very keen
To share her beautiful scenes
To follow her own scheme
Never worries about self-esteem
Have you ever seen
The different shades of green
And the colors in between
Do you see what I mean?

The Sun shines her beams
After a hot day the rain intervenes
Soothing Earth like a soft cream
She lets go of her steam
Turns a dry river into a stream
Birds play in puddles to become clean
Nature can also become extreme
But usually the elements seem
To work together like a team


It isn’t a weakness
To break a secret

A secret can drive you nuts
Through a Soul it cuts
The Heart may crush
Hidden under a crust
The secret can rust
You need guts
To share it with some one you trust
Letting go is a must
The secret will bust
And  feelings will adjust
Then it can turn into dust

Remember, you hold the key
To become totally free

We all have our secrets, little secrets, big secrets. Personal secrets, family secrets and top-level secrets!
When this secret feels heavy,  you need to release it. Find someone you can trust. Many people are threatened to tell their ‘little’ or ‘big’ secret, but I believe it is time to get that weight from your shoulder.

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Change the word must

Into trust
Into could

A mind becomes stiff
From all the if’s
Change limitation
Into liberation

Be willing
To start living
Use your ability
To believe in a possibility

And use creativity
For your own flexibility

My Belief System

In my System of Belief
I have often been deceived

Always listening to others
My ‘System’ became smothered

In my web I became caught
Believing all that I was taught

Not relying on my System
I pretended to be a victim

On more than one occasion
I felt my own frustration
When old Beliefs are surrendered
I will become independent

To THINK with MY mind
Old beliefs can unwind
To FEEL with MY Heart
I will become smart

Now in my System of Belief
I will be my own Chief

I listened to this new Kyron message, talking about how important it is to be conscious in what we believe is to be our truth..

The Sun

Our Sun
Is never done
Is forever shining
Always designing

See how she plays
With her beautiful rays
Showing wonderful colours
Watching children and mothers

In the sky, Sun and clouds greet
Together they play hide and seek
It makes me feel small and meek
To watch this spectacular treat

Because of our sun we survive
She lets us free to create our own life

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