Month: June 2018


It isn’t a weakness
To break a secret

A secret can drive you nuts
Through a Soul it cuts
The  Heart may crush
Hidden under a crust
The secret can rust
You need guts
To share it with some one you trust
Letting go is a must
The secret will bust
And  feelings will adjust
Then it can turn into dust

Remember, you hold the key
To become totally free

We all have our secrets, little secrets, big secrets. Personal secrets, family secrets and top-level secrets!
When this secret feels heavy,  you need to release it. Find someone you can trust. Many people are threatened to tell their ‘little’ or ‘big’ secret, but I believe it is time to get that weight from your shoulder.

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Change the word must

Into trust
Into could

A mind becomes stiff
From all the if’s
Change limitation
Into liberation

Be willing
To start living
Use your ability
To believe in a possibility

And use creativity
For your own flexibility

My Belief System

In my System of Belief
I have often been deceived

Always listening to others
My ‘System’ became smothered

In my web I became caught
Believing all that I was taught

Not relying on my System
I pretended to be a victim

On more than one occasion
I felt my own frustration
When old Beliefs are surrendered
I will become independent

To THINK with MY mind
Old beliefs can unwind
To FEEL with MY Heart
I will become smart

Now in my System of Belief
I will be my own Chief

I listened to this new Kyron message, talking about how important it is to be conscious in what we believe is to be our truth..

The Sun

Our Sun
Is never done
Is forever shining
Always designing

See how she plays
With her beautiful rays
Showing wonderful colours
Watching children and mothers

In the sky, Sun and clouds greet
Together they play hide and seek
It makes me feel small and meek
To watch this spectacular treat

Because of our sun we survive
She lets us free to create our own life


I do regret
My body I forgot to respect
A body ‘violation’

Caused by my inner conversation
In our lives it is essential
To remember the self-healing potential
For Eons we have dismissed
This wonderful gift
Fall in Love with yourself once more
Use it for your body te restore
Remember your body is your friend
From the beginning to the end

I listened to this beautiful Kyron message, it is important to remember how Powerful we are!

No time to feel ill

Doctor, Doctor,

I have a pain in my head
I can’t go to bed
Please give me a pill
So the pain can “still”
I need to survive
For my kids and my wife

Doctor Doctor,
Please don’t touch
My stomach hurts so much
I need a pill
For the pain to kill
One day missed
Makes my boss soo pissed

Doctor Doctor,
I need to tell
I have a dizzy spell
I need a pill
I feel so ill
My dearest honey
Cost an awful lot of money

Doctor, Doctor
I feel so itchy
It really makes me bitchy
I don’t have any pain
It is just the strain
I need a pill
Then I can work and pay the bill

Patient, patient
The message I deliver
Is about your liver
Here a pill there pill
The condition of you liver goes down hill
Now you need to rest
It is for the best
Work can wait
Until you are in a better state

Doctor Doctor
I am fired
A new person, hired
My wife AND my honey have left
It feels like theft
My “values” and possessions they stole
In my heart there is a great hole
Please give me a pill
For the emptiness to fill……

‘The evolved man’

In our Universe we are the star!
At least we think we are
We also have a repertoire
Of being quiet bizarre
Racing in our cars
Smoking cigars
Getting drunk in a bar
Have we really come that far?

Another short film by Steve Cutts, showing us how far we have come……..

But what about old civilizations, and their creations?
What did they know?

Atlantis, Lemuria, Maldek

The lost Continent of Lemuria

Atlantis: The lost World Mu Lemuria Edgar Cayce Ancient Prophecy
Edgar Cayce

The hidden History of Humanity
Monadic Media


The game behind the curtain

It is certain
There is a game behind the curtain
While they ‘entertain’
We live in pain
But when the curtain has lifted
We will realize we are gifted
All that is unseen

Comes into being
Let new energy stream

To fulfill our dreams
When we use our almighty power
The bud becomes a flower
All that is required
Is to ignite our inner fire

Time to learn about the shocking truth, what has been going on behind the curtain for so long. Who is pulling the strings behind the curtain?  Who rules our lives from the beginning to the end?

What is going on in the Vatican? What does it look like?
The dark secrets behind the Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a giant Reptilian)
Collective Evolution

This is a post with fascinating information, big names are mentioned. Who are these people? Maybe we have never heard of them before!
The banks and the corporations are like a giant octopus ruling our entire world and of course the head of the octopus is the entire banking system.

Portal 2012

My shadow and me

My shadow can be on either side
It can walk in front or behind
It can make me small, or tall
At times it can even hit a wall
It stays with me night and day
I can’t just push it away
My shadow sleeps in my bed
Confuses me, makes me feel sad
And when I want it to hide
It acts like a monster inside
My shadow, I need to embrace
I need to look it in the face
Time to set it free
The shadow in me
When we now walk in the sun
My shadow and me become one

We all have a ‘shadow side’ in us. We often want to walk away from it, because it haunts us and we want to leave it behind. We believe if we don’t look at it, then one day it will disappear. We are busy during the day, looking for distraction because we do not want to feel what we need to feel. If we are lucky, we sleep through the night, but sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, the heart racing, a knot in our stomach.
It is better to welcome this feeling, to befriend it. Don’t send it away, it will return. Talk to this feeling, tell it that it’ is ok to be there. Try to find out where in your body you can feel it. Remember, you can always ask for help.
I once read a book about this ‘shadow side’. It feels like a great ugly monster. When it shows up, it is like you open your front door and there is an enormous snowball, that literally blocks your front door. But once you shine your sun (your light) on it, it will melt. The only thing that is left, is a puddle of water, nothing to fear!

We create our own world

Understand the Power of your thoughts
The damage they may cause
It is also possible
To be positive
We create our worlds
With thoughts unheard
Use them wise
It is where our Truths lies
Focus your attention
On your intentions
Let your world increase
Filled with love and peace

Your mind can transform your body and cure everything:
Universe Inside You

We create our own world (An article with two videos of Dr Masaru Emoto, experiments with water and rice)

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