My shadow can be on either side
It can walk in front or behind
It can make me small, or tall
At times it can even hit a wall
It stays with me night and day
I can’t just push it away
My shadow sleeps in my bed
Confuses me, makes me feel sad
And when I want it to hide
It acts like a monster inside
My shadow, I need to embrace
I need to look it in the face
Time to set it free
The shadow in me
When we now walk in the sun
My shadow and me become one

We all have a ‘shadow side’ in us. We often want to walk away from it, because it haunts us and we want to leave it behind. We believe if we don’t look at it, then one day it will disappear. We are busy during the day, looking for distraction because we do not want to feel what we need to feel. If we are lucky, we sleep through the night, but sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, the heart racing, a knot in our stomach.
It is better to welcome this feeling, to befriend it. Don’t send it away, it will return. Talk to this feeling, tell it that it’┬áis ok to be there. Try to find out where in your body you can feel it. Remember, you can always ask for help.
I once read a book about this ‘shadow side’. It feels like a great ugly monster. When it shows up, it is like you open your front door and there is an enormous snowball, that literally blocks your front door. But once you shine your sun (your light) on it, it will melt. The only thing that is left, is a puddle of water, nothing to fear!