It is certain
There is a game behind the curtain
While they ‘entertain’
We live in pain
But when the curtain has lifted
We will realize we are gifted
All that is unseen

Comes into being
Let new energy stream

To fulfill our dreams
When we use our almighty power
The bud becomes a flower
All that is required
Is to ignite our inner fire

Time to learn about the shocking truth, what has been going on behind the curtain for so long. Who is pulling the strings behind the curtain?  Who rules our lives from the beginning to the end?

What is going on in the Vatican? What does it look like?
The dark secrets behind the Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a giant Reptilian)
Collective Evolution

This is a post with fascinating information, big names are mentioned. Who are these people? Maybe we have never heard of them before!
The banks and the corporations are like a giant octopus ruling our entire world and of course the head of the octopus is the entire banking system.

Portal 2012