It isn’t a weakness
To break a secret

A secret can drive you nuts
Through a Soul it cuts
The Heart may crush
Hidden under a crust
The secret can rust
You need guts
To share it with some one you trust
Letting go is a must
The secret will bust
And  feelings will adjust
Then it can turn into dust

Remember, you hold the key
To become totally free

We all have our secrets, little secrets, big secrets. Personal secrets, family secrets and top-level secrets!
When this secret feels heavy, ¬†you need to release it. Find someone you can trust. Many people are threatened to tell their ‘little’ or ‘big’ secret, but I believe it is time to get that weight from your shoulder.

One of the biggest secrets on Earth is about child (sex) trafficking.
President Trump signed a Law to target on-Line sex trafficking on April 11th, 2018
Many children disappear from our Earth Surface, to be never found again. Children are being abused. This problem can be at home, but there is a very dark secret going on at the ‘top-level’ of our Society where very ‘important’ people are involved working together with the Justice- and Police Department.

When I try to talk about this big problem, many people don’t want to listen, and that is the problem, they find it so disgusting, they just dismiss the idea that it is happening!
In this Radio show we hear a girl (now age 31) calling in on the show telling her story. She talks how Congress men/women are being blackmailed for life. It is a must listen! There is a load of information about this topic, but I just want start to bring this video to your attention and please help to make other people aware of this problem so we can take action together, liberating the many victims of this crime!
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The other problem that I have been talking about before, is the many secrets they keep away from the public for example the negative side effects of our vaccine program world-wide.
On 10-01-2017 Robert Kennedy Jr says he will Chair “vaccination safety” Committee for Trump

We need to open up for all the evidence instead of closing our eyes. It is important to ask questions about what they inject into our little children!

Collective Evolution