To you I was unknown

I saw your Heart turn into stone
You were not aware
That actually I did care
You fought an inner fight
With no de-light
Your Spirit 

Was no longer vivid
Deep wounds you couldn’t mend
That is how your life did end
Fare well on your journey dear Soul
Going home, to become whole
May you find relief
Love and Peace

I believe there is a solution for every problem, and to never give up. To open up to people that you can trust. Sharing, writing, crying let it all out. You need to find out what ‘fits’ you best, it can even be running, boxing, swimming etc. just anything to get this negative energy out of your system. It is important to let it flow in order to let it go. Find your own way, dare to look beyond ‘normal’ solutions, there are many out there. This poem is dedicated to all the doling souls that went home. But please don’t give up!

I saw this article at Galactic Heart (11-05-18), and I copied it. By the way, there is much more information to find at this site, maybe time to explore it!
I thought it was an amazing story to share and to show you that there are many ways to heal the wounds deep inside you, and to get back on track in your life:

I’m honored that you’re exploring Bach Flower Music.

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Bach Flower Remedies Saved a Woman’s Life

In 1994, I was privileged to take a Bach Flower workshop from Dee Hall, one of the few certified Bach Flower Remedy practitioners in Washington State.

Dee told us about a mother who was almost killed by her son when he was high on drugs, and how the Bach Flower remedies had saved her life.

The following is a transcript of Dee’s lecture. Of course, this story applies also to the Bach Flower Music…

Dee Hall’s Lecture:

When the Bach flower remedies were first given to me, I read the directions, and it says to take it four times per day. So my thought was, you have to take it between meals and be careful; no menthol, like homeopathic remedies. But believe me, that’s as far away from the truth as you can possibly get.

I found out, because at the university where I work, there is a lady that I have talked with daily for the last seven or eight years, and up until a couple years ago I did not know she had any children.

Shortly before Thanksgiving she calls me. And she’s from Hungary, so sometimes her syntax and verbiage is a little bit odd, but I knew there was something really wrong.

Cerato For Boosting Your Intuition

There is a remedy to make you intuitive, and it’s Cerato. It makes you read people extremely well.

I had been swilling Cerato for a particular reason. I was testing remedies as I usually do, so when this lady called me, I knew there was something wrong.

She told me that she had a 19 year old son who had been in prison since he was 12. He tried to kill her with a baseball bat when he was high on drugs, and he almost succeeded. (He clobbered the neighbor lady almost as badly).

She was having very mixed feelings because they told her they would send this kid to a halfway house on the condition that she allow him to come home one weekend a month.

She’s 4’11” and this kid is 6’3”. One of these big hulk types. Being a mother, she wanted to say yes, of course, I want to help my kid. But being a human being who had almost been killed by her son, she was really terrified.

We had lunch together and I gave her a list of the Bach flower remedies. I told her, whatever you want, just name it and I’ll give it to you.


Scleranthus for Indecision

She couldn’t decide whether or not to let this kid come home. I gave her Scleranthus, which is the remedy for being able to make a decision. She was doing it every 5 to 10 minutes, because she had to decide within a very short time.

She decided, yes, indeed she would let him come home. But again she was absolutely terrified of him, so we did two things. We went through the list of remedies, and she wrote down everything she felt she needed to take to be able to deal with him. For example, setting boundaries.

Centaury – For the Inability to Say “No”

Centaury is the anti-doormat remedy. It allows you to say to somebody, “You can do this, this, and this. But if you do that, I’ll break your arm, but I’ll do it with a smile.”

So she had Centaury, to be able to say “no” to this kid. She did Larch for self confidence, Agrimony because she was afraid to speak up and say what she had to, Pine for guilt. She said, “What’s going to happen if he comes in the house?”

I didn’t know, but I said, “If you see any remedies on the sheet that you think would be good for him, there’s one thing you can do, and that’s be a little bit sneaky.”

I don’t advocate this on a regular basis, but where there’s danger to life and limb, this is an extenuating circumstance. So she went through the Bach flowers, and picked up 23 remedies that she thought would apply to him.

I thought, this is never going to work. I’ve never had anybody take this many remedies before.

So, she said, even when her son was little, he was so macho he wouldn’t take vitamins. So I said, “No matter what he eats or drinks, just load it with remedies.”

So when she cooked Thanksgiving turkey, it had remedy in the stuffing, had remedy in the basting, it had remedy in the potatoes, it had it in the sweet potatoes.



DEE: Heat doesn’t do a thing to the remedies. She had it in the pumpkin pie, it was in the salad, it was in absolutely every bit of food that was on the dining room table.

I kept thinking, this is never going to work. You know, my old ingrained pattern of, “You’re supposed to take these remedies only four times per a day.

After getting out of jail, you know, with therapy and everything, the kid was still this same macho loudmouth that he was when he went into jail.

The first thing he said to her when he came into the apartment was, “Get me a beer.” I had told her, “Whatever he asks for, don’t argue with him, just load it with remedies.” So that’s what she did. He had three beers and he didn’t even notice the difference.

The Remedies Help Her Son

At the end of the weekend, on Monday she calls me, and told me that when she took him back to the halfway house on Sunday night, she wasn’t sure whether it was her imagination or that she herself was on remedies. And she wanted to believe the remedies had helped her son.

Then the neighbor lady came over on Monday and said, “What did you do to Robert (her son)? The kid that arrived on Wednesday night was not the same kid that left on Sunday night.” Then she knew the remedies were working.

Now he has had remedies once a month for two years. Last year, almost a year ago now, she called me, and as I said, she’s from Hungary, so sometimes the way she says things sounds a little weird.

I work in the publications area for the purchasing department at the university, where I order books. So when she calls me and said, “The animal is human,” my response was, “That’s one publication I hadn’t heard of.”

She said, “No, that’s not what I mean.” She said, “Robert is human.” She told me on Sunday night he had been rummaging through the cupboard and he found her stash of remedies. He asked her what they were, and she decided to tell him the truth.

He said he felt like a different person, and if she would be willing to still buy them for him, he wanted to take them. So he has, himself, now purchased all of the books. He goes through and chooses the remedies that he wants. He is really a different person.

Now, you can’t believe you’re dealing with the same person. There’s just a gentleness and a sweetness that she said she never even saw in him as a kid. So as always, I say every day, “Thanks, God and Dr. Bach!”

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