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Near Death Experience

Are we curious
About a Near Death Experience
Do we take it serious?

Is there any trace
That it took place
Within the Human Race

Personally I am convinced that a Near Death Experience exists and that it often changes somebody’s life completely, no question about it! I have a close relative who went through this experience.
There are many articles about A Near Death Experience and I will publish more in another post in the future.
The first video is from Dr. Eben Alexander a Neurosurgeon who talks about his own Near Death Experience.
An interview with Kasia: Spreading news from Heaven:

This is a long version: Dr Eben Alexander a Neurosurgeon’s Journey through the afterlife (Over three hours!!!)
Jason Moreira

This video is from Dr.Pim van Lommel. He has been a Dutch Cardiologist for more than twenty years. He studied the Near Death Experiences from his patients who survived a cardiac arrest.
Het published in the Journal The Lancet
In 2007 he wrote a book: Consciousness beyond Life, The Science of the Near Death

News July 30, 2018

Benjamin Fulford 7-30-18… “The secret history of the planet Earth from 2000 to 2018.( You can’t make this news up, What on earth is going on!)
Kauilapele’s Blog

QAnon unmasks Britain as State Actor that interfered in US Presidential Election

Four+ years of Maidan: Ukraine’s disaster in pictures and words
Futurist Trendcast

Ukraine furious after Italy’s Salvini calls 2014 revolution “fake” and “Foreign-Funded” (A statement made by the interior Minister of Italy Salvini, 7-21-2018) 7-26-18… “Clown-Mageddon/Pt. 2/To kill a Mockingbird”
Kauilapele’s Blog

For those interested more information about the Total Lunar Eclipse and the influence on us.
What we need to know about the Total Lunar Eclipse July 27;
Pam Gregory (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I believe this is also important news:
Editors of two or the most prestigious journals of medicine agree that ‘evidence based medicine’ might not be trustworthy or even true

What we can learn from advanced ET Civilizations (Part 1)
Collective Evolution

What we can learn from advanced ET Civilizations (Part 2: Work is Bliss)
Collective Evolution

Decalsified FBI Documents suggests “Beings from other Dimensions” have visited Earth
Collective Evolution

There is a huge evolution in Media happening
Collective Evolution


Whenever you turn on the radio

You may hear it in stereo
All the love songs
About what went terribly wrong

With the ‘one and only one’
Because he/she went on the run
Now life is meaningless
Without any happiness

But wait….
It is never too late
To decide about our life’s fate
It is for our own sake
Take it back in your hands
To become your own friend
Finding life’s fulfillment
In every moment

You may conclude
That living in ‘solitude’
Can contribute
To change your life’s attitude 


Although the content of the text is still a love song, the refrain of the song is beautiful:
I love my life                                                I am wonderful
I am powerful                                              I am magical
I am beautiful                                              I am me
I am free                                                        I love my life

The Blood Moon

(Referring to yesterday’s last two posts)

Welcome the Blood Moon
Because it won’t return soon
Try to take notion
Of your emotions
All that comes to the surface
You need to embrace
Do it with grace
It wants to find its own place
It needs healing
Trust your gut feeling
Open up to  the ‘new you’
And to all that feels true

Life in space

We can agree

Life is a mystery
But what about the Universe?
Information is still diverse

We know so little about Space
And about life of another Race
There is still a lot to explore

Maybe they are more advanced
Living in a different circumstance 
Where they can travel in time
In a ‘supersonic paradigm’

What is their conclusion?
That we live in an illusion?
Existing in duality
Wars are our reality

Like children we fight
Who is wrong and who is right
Can they teach us how to live in Harmony
In each other’s company?

Do we know how much space is out there?

From the articles published below, there is no question that I am a big fan of Nikola Tesla;))
Free Energy Devices – Secret of energy from the Earth and sky
Nikola tesla and space

Tesla Memorial Society of New York website. Nikola Tesla and the Exploration of Cosmos

On Truth & Reality (The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) in Space

The lost journals of Nikola Tesla

Nassim Haramein on Twitter: “”If Nikola Tesla had not been censured we could have been traveling between the stars by now

Here is something completely different:
A total Lunar Eclipse is happening on July 27th, 2018 which is also referred to as ‘Blood Moon’. This specific eclipse will be the longest Lunar Eclipse we will have until 2123, lasting almost 4 hours
Collective Evolution

July Newsletter from Meline Lafont
(Another) Blood Moon Eclipse July 27, 2018. It may have a great impact on you!
Meline Lafont

Interesting news…

#Q #QANON 7-25-18, post 1699… (Someting ‘s happening, baby!)
Kauilapele’s Blog

#Q #QANON Post 1709 7-25-18… “Something BIG is about to drop”
Kauilapele’s Blog

FULL Article Benjamin Fulford 7-23-18… “Khazarian mafia doomed as a result of Putin/Trump secret agreement”
(My only comment is, that I am Dutch, and I don’t really understand the story about the MH17, because I know some one who has lost friends who where on the MH17 flight. For me it is still a mystery and I hope we will hear the truth out in the open soon)
Kauilapele’s Blog

More news

New #Q#ANON posts are out today
Kauilapele’s Blog

Now comes the pain: SerialBrain 2 decodes Q & President Trump (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Epstein’s Pedo Island underground explored | Deplorable McAllister (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Chemotherapy and Radiation

Do scientists succeed

In the way they treat a dis-ease?

When people are in distress
There are in a survival process
Receiving treatment for what has gone defect
Expecting the doctor to protect
And to be treated with respect
But often patients feel as an object
When information has been suppressed
About the many side effects

Left without a choice
Many lives have been destroyed

The problem in our Health System is that we often have no choice concerning the treatment that we receive when we are confronted with a serious disease.
But why is there hardly any research on what causes these dis-eases?

The truth about Chemo

The true History of Chemotherapy & the Rockefellers
Collective Evolution

The truth about chemotherapy
Natural News

New study reveals many cancer patients
Collective Evolution

Researchers discover radiation treatment leads to increased malignancy
Collective Evolution

Radiation of Chemotherapy should not be the only two approve treatments for Cancer

Looking after each other

When one is in need
And the Heart bleeds 
It is guaranteed 
That when love is the lead
Healing will always succeed

When we care for each other
We will discover
Regardless of our color
Our Soul only sees us as sisters and brothers
While we all seem to have a father and a mother

Different news…

First half of (Rest will follow on Thursday)Benjamin Fulford 7-23-18… “Khazarian mafia doomed as a result of Putin/Trump secret agreement”
Kauilapele’s Blog

China’s serious & breaking Vaccine scandal: Are your vaccines made in China?

Samoa seizes ALL MMR Vaccines after two toddlers die

(Personally I don’t know anything about this subject) John F. Kennedy and the “Failure and Redemption Plan”  (via Valerie Photographer) and a related #Q post 1082
Kauilapele’s Blog

“More JFK Jr. Intirgue” 7-22-18… Four videos by @ Cordicon
Kauilapele’s Blog

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