We can agree

Life is a mystery
But what about the Universe?
Information is still diverse

We know so little about Space
And about life of another Race
There is still a lot to explore

Maybe they are more advanced
Living in a different circumstance 
Where they can travel in time
In a ‘supersonic paradigm’

What is their conclusion?
That we live in an illusion?
Existing in duality
Wars are our reality

Like children we fight
Who is wrong and who is right
Can they teach us how to live in Harmony
In each other’s company?

Do we know how much space is out there?

From the articles published below, there is no question that I am a big fan of Nikola Tesla;))
Free Energy Devices – Secret of energy from the Earth and sky
Nikola tesla and space

Tesla Memorial Society of New York website. Nikola Tesla and the Exploration of Cosmos

On Truth & Reality (The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) in Space

The lost journals of Nikola Tesla

Nassim Haramein on Twitter: “”If Nikola Tesla had not been censured we could have been traveling between the stars by now

Here is something completely different:
A total Lunar Eclipse is happening on July 27th, 2018 which is also referred to as ‘Blood Moon’. This specific eclipse will be the longest Lunar Eclipse we will have until 2123, lasting almost 4 hours
Collective Evolution

July Newsletter from Meline Lafont
(Another) Blood Moon Eclipse July 27, 2018. It may have a great impact on you!
Meline Lafont