Benjamin Fulford 7-30-18… “The secret history of the planet Earth from 2000 to 2018.( You can’t make this news up, What on earth is going on!)
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QAnon unmasks Britain as State Actor that interfered in US Presidential Election

Four+ years of Maidan: Ukraine’s disaster in pictures and words
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Ukraine furious after Italy’s Salvini calls 2014 revolution “fake” and “Foreign-Funded” (A statement made by the interior Minister of Italy Salvini, 7-21-2018) 7-26-18… “Clown-Mageddon/Pt. 2/To kill a Mockingbird”
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For those interested more information about the Total Lunar Eclipse and the influence on us.
What we need to know about the Total Lunar Eclipse July 27;
Pam Gregory (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I believe this is also important news:
Editors of two or the most prestigious journals of medicine agree that ‘evidence based medicine’ might not be trustworthy or even true

What we can learn from advanced ET Civilizations (Part 1)
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What we can learn from advanced ET Civilizations (Part 2: Work is Bliss)
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Decalsified FBI Documents suggests “Beings from other Dimensions” have visited Earth
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There is a huge evolution in Media happening
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