Are we curious
About a Near Death Experience
Do we take it serious?

Is there any trace
That it took place
Within the Human Race

Personally I am convinced that a Near Death Experience exists and that it often changes somebody’s life completely, no question about it! I have a close relative who went through this experience.
There are many articles about A Near Death Experience and I will publish more in another post in the future.
The first video is from Dr. Eben Alexander a Neurosurgeon who talks about his own Near Death Experience.
An interview with Kasia: Spreading news from Heaven:

This is a long version: Dr Eben Alexander a Neurosurgeon’s Journey through the afterlife (Over three hours!!!)
Jason Moreira

This video is from Dr.Pim van Lommel. He has been a Dutch Cardiologist for more than twenty years. He studied the Near Death Experiences from his patients who survived a cardiac arrest.
Het published in the Journal The Lancet
In 2007 he wrote a book: Consciousness beyond Life, The Science of the Near Death