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Hemp and its possibilities

Many things have not been told

About a plant that is very old
Hemp has a bad reputation
With the general population
But it could be a solution
To reduce our pollution
Hemp is also in favor

To be a lifesaver
When the possibilities are on record
Its name will be restored

Industrial Hemp. A History of the super crop

The many uses of Hemp

15 Mind-blowing ways Hemp can save the World

What is CBD (Cannabidiol) Hemp Oil?


This is a very important repost now published on a different site ( Background on the Terabytes of info Putin gave Trump

This is a repost of the 19th of July (It is the 3rd post, Kauilapele’s Blog).
I just read it again on and I believe it may be the most important post at this moment, very important information on what is happening behind the scenes and why many, many people are in “panic mode”.
Because of the importance of this article I will repost it

Background on the Terabytes of info Putin gave Trump:

Becoming Me

If I didn’t do what I did

I wouldn’t know what I hid
Following my life program
I become who I am:

Drowning in the oceans
Of my emotions
Going through great depths
Learning about my strength

I even found my courage
And was able to flourish
I can’t resist
All that exists

I need to accept
Every aspect
To became nicer
Kinder and  wiser

I learned a lot about me
My own personality

Upside down (Lots of news)

We live in a World that seems upside down

Now let us turn it around:

Reverse heartbreaking

Into hand shaking
No more religion dividing
But reuniting

Removing all guns
To enjoy and have fun

Doctors healing
Instead of symptom dealing
Pharmacy going natural
Treating us respectful
Instead of power ambition
Food Industry nutrition

Leaders and Unions no more scaring
But caring

Media a good news-bringer
Banks a money giver
An idea worth embracing
To live in a World that is amazing

That is what Earth
And all inhabitants deserve

Benjamin Fulford full report. Geopolitical Update for July 16, 2018 (Test + Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

TDSIGDTtTPiH pt 1…”Lights go out as Trump expresses faith in Intel”… and #Q #Anon related messages…
Kauilapele’s Blog

TDSIGDTtPiH pt 3… Hal Turner connects DATA dots 7-17-18… “Dear God; They caught them ALL! Putin gives Trump 160 Terabytes of Communication Intercepts… “…”The jig is up… The dominoes are about to fall”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Martin Geddes, 7-11-18… “WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history” (#Q#QAnon)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Trump-Putin highlights from the 7-16-18 Helsinki Press Conference (articles and videos) (How the CCCWRIB* with Russia may have finally ended!)
Kauilapele’s Blog

The Trump-Putin “Peace Collusion” has finished, and now the main steam media (Sorry, no caps) #FREAKOUT begins!
Kauilapele’s Blog

Is this what we expect from the President of the European Commission?
Drunk or in pain?
(We must admit that he doesn’t look fit, maybe time to quit?)

Eu chief Jean-Claude Juncker appears to be drunk? in bizarre video of him hopping from foot to foot and slapping other leaders

(Something totally different. You may be interested in this, maybe not: Planetary Ascension Process
The Portal



What are we fighting?…… US Governments admits Lyme disease is a bioweapon…

What are we fighting

An enemy hiding
A disease hard to detect
With terrible after-effects
It’s difficult to belief

That we have been deceived
Keeping it as a secret
While we are looking for a treatment

While the other post was about ‘clues in our face’ there are also many ‘not so in your face’ secrets:

US Government has admitted that Lyme disease is actually a bioweapon that was designed by the military to use against enemy combatants during war.

Lyme disease – A Biologicla Weapon

British Government admits Lyme disease is a Bioweapon
(In this article they say: “Now finally the British Government had revealed that all Lyme blood testing is to ve conducted from Porton Down, our top Biological warfare facility”. (The Porton Down near Salisbury! Remember the Skripal Norvichok poisoning blamed on the Russians???).

The officially ignored link between Lyme disease and Plum Island

(And a different interesting story about AIDS: The origin of AIDS, Polio Vaccine The smoking gun)
Abu Zalnab Ibn Hammad

(I found these articles on the Dutch Site WantToKnow Lyme and AIDS: (Menselijke ‘uitvindingen)

Young children so lost. (Mental health II)

Diagnosed through the DSM

Entitled to be ‘condemned’
It is all recorded
As a mental disorder
Wearing this on your shoulder
Even when you grow older
Autism, ADHD and depression
To obsession and aggression
You pay a high price

Influencing your psych
I wish we were protected
Instead of being subjected
Depending on the industry

The power of Pharmacy
Is it just bad luck?
Many children are on drugs
Causing mind alterations
And frustrations
Maybe there is also a correlation
Between crimes and medication

I really feel shocked but also very sad to see that many young children already use drugs! I totally understand the desperation of many parents when they do not know what is wrong with their kids.
But there is something going on, that we need to stop. Even if they claim that the drugs are safe, it is meddling with a child’s brain while they are growing up. What will the effect be when they grow older?

Read More

Mental Health (I)

In the world of Psychiatry
They learn about anxiety
Looking after the sanity
Of humanity

They meddle with our Psyche
With a lot of “might”
Mind manipulations
In The Age of Medications

Are we convicted
To become addicted?
It has a reputation

Of our mental salvation

But is Psychiatry a success
Did we make any progress?
Later, when we look back
We can see if we were on track

The mystery remains
What do we know about our brains?
Or maybe our Psyche is misunderstood
And we need a total different outlook

There are many people who have received great help from a Psychiatrist or/and a Psychologist. Some one they can talk to, getting beneficial advise, and maybe medication helped them to go through a rough period in their life. But why are there so many people on medication for their Mental Health?

Read More

Benjamin Fulford 7-16-18… “Will the Jews finally be freed from Khazarian mafia slavery as Israel is liberated?”

I have been following Benjamin Fulford (via Kauilapele”s Blog) for a while. You don’t have to agree with the messages that are given. But it is something totally different from what we read and hear from our own news channels.
It certainly gives me a very positive feelingl!
Is it true or not? You decide, what feels good for you. The rest of the message will be released on Thursday.

Benjamin Fulford 7-16-18…
Kauilapele’s Blog

In our face


It is actually a disgrace
It has been in our face
For many decades
We can find traces
It has been staged on a large-scale
Now we can only say:
We have been ‘deaf, dumb and blind’ in many ways

I have posted the first article before on the 8th of June 2018.
I think it is fascinating that it has been right in our face all the time, and we just didn’t see it!
The dark Secret behind the Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a Giant Reptilian):
Collective Evolution

These 10 Illuminati Control Symbols bombard you everyday & you don’t know

Signs the Illuminati is real – Bamorama

Does The Illuminati control The Music Industry?
Alltime Conspiracies

Angel and Demons, part of the grand conspiracy theory? (I am afraid the videos don’t work;(( )

Some Illuminati Quotes | Illuminati Agenda


Take the time to sit down
To realize we act like a clown

Wearing our masks
To complete our tasks

We are great actors
And possess the X-factor
We only learned how to strife
In our day-to-day lives

Society made up the rules
And we behave like the fools
Time to break
From all that is fake

We as the Human Race
Shouldn’t hide our real face
When our masks are removed
Our lives will improve

Feeling it as a relief
To show in what we belief, to feel complete


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