Benjamin Fulford 8-6-18… “Secret societies, secret services and religions: The current balance of power”
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To Q or Not to Q…

Dr.Michael Salla, 8-3-18… QAnon goes mainstream at Trump rally while tripcodes point to Exopolitics Books”
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Very interesting!!!:
ESR23 SURPRISE #5: A mystery of Russian FM Lavrov & Gen. Gerasimov’s visit to Merkel, Macron & Netanyahu (Plus: BRICS Summit & Turkey)
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News and Updates for August 4, 2018: The illusion continues (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

News and updates for August 5, 2018: assassination attempts increasing &
The internet is a War Zone (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

National Geographic finally comes clean: Super viral video of polar bear “starving from climate change” was totally fake news
(Even if the story is fake, we do need to respect our Planet, and be conscious in the way we treat our environment, ourselves and others)
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