I completely trust

There is always a form of ‘Just’
The fact you are your life’s companion
You can not deny or abandon
What ever crime you committed
You are the crown-witness

Maybe you escaped a jury
Or denied your own fury
We don’t have to confront God
If you believe it or not
It is our own (sub)consciousness
That will take no-nonsense

Responsible for all we create
Is the reality we can not escape
Is important for your own health
To come ‘clean’ with yourself
We all inherited our own “judge system”
Playing an important role in our life 

When I talk about being our own judge, I don’t mean the ego mind that is always nagging for not being good enough, but I mean our consciousness.
What we do to another we actually do to ourselves, because we are all connected.
If I hurt someone, I actually hurt a part of my self. If any one hurts me the person hurts him or herself.
When we learn to forgive we can take away the emotion that it has caused.
In the end bitterness, grief or whatever emotion we are dealing with we have to face to let go, instead of ‘hanging’ in there for as long as we choose to.
Forgiving oneself and the other is the best way to deal with all the ‘things’  we have done or that has been done to us.