Change is a word I dread
It feels like a threat
What will I find instead?
What if I resist
And insist
To stay in this ‘mist’?

Would I do it again
Can I tame

This pain?
The old I have outgrown!!!
What happens if I let go
To enter the unknown?

What will others see
Will I still recognise me
Who am I to be??
Change is on the rise
It may come in disguise
It is where my future lies

Change is a transformation
Using motivation
And imagination

In our lives we all go through changes. When we grow up, we leave the old ‘station’ behind, moving on to the next one. We will be doing this all our lives. But It can really heart to let go of the old. Even if we know it doesn’t serve us any more, we may prefer to stay in that same situation, at the old ‘station’. We do this because it feels “safe” ¬†knowing in what situation we are in now, and we have no idea what the ‘new’ will bring!
Sometimes change means an inner change, a different outlook on a situation. Letting go of old ideas, of outgrown thought forms, of blaming, pointing fingers at others.
Changing means taking your life in your own hands and trusting yourself, even if it feels very scary!
Change is moving on in your life, try to look at change as a new adventure, getting to know yourself better every time you move on to a next station!