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The Heart

The Heart is not just an organ

At times it feels as an orphan
Totally abandoned

The Heart helps you remind
That you can’t leave it behind

The Heart has its own brain
And it feels all the pain
It is important to realize
That it is very wise

It is your inner guide
That leads you to the light

How the human heart functions as a second brain

Second brain found in Heart Neurons – Trust your gut feelings (This is about people who have received a new Heart after a Heart transplantation. People have completely changed, they want to meet the family of the donors because the inherited certain behavioral and character traits)


News 13 – 16August, 2018

Stanford’s most successful remote viewers reveals location of 4 Alien Bases on Earth
Collective Evolution

SerialBrian2/War Drummer: White Hats’ Fierce response to skull & Bones 322 (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Exposed: How Google still tracks you even when “Location History” is turned off
Activist Post

NewsWare 8-14-18… “ site goes down amid Big Tech Censorship” (and where to find Infowars/Alex Jones, et al., now)
Kauilapele’s Blog

Bayer shares plunge by 12.5 bilion after Monsanto Court case

300 Priests accused of covering up thousands of child sex abuse cases in Pennsylvania
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

/War Drummer: Q400 think missile (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Vaccine Corruption exposed to Washington State Board of Health

Horrifying UN Report details widespread child rape by high-level UN employees
Activist Post

Do you need proof of weather geoengineering?
Activist Post

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 8-13-18… “China’s Al “Goddess” and the East/West AI competition”
Kauilapele’s Blog

This just came out:
Another actor calls out “Satanic” Hollywood Pedophiles – ‘See Corey. I didn’t need $10 Million’
Collective Evolution

Our own Judge

I completely trust

There is always a form of ‘Just’
The fact you are your life’s companion
You can not deny or abandon
What ever crime you committed
You are the crown-witness

Maybe you escaped a jury
Or denied your own fury
We don’t have to confront God
If you believe it or not
It is our own (sub)consciousness
That will take no-nonsense

Responsible for all we create
Is the reality we can not escape
Is important for your own health
To come ‘clean’ with yourself
We all inherited our own “judge system”
Playing an important role in our life 

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Brings stress
A “disease”
We should release

It is very contagious
Quality of life depending on wages
It “infects” us all
Having the effect of a snowball

If we want to be at the top
We never know how to stop
Signs we ignore
When we always want more

We seem to ignore the root cause
That stress denies physical “laws”
Paying a price too high
When our body doesn’t lie:

Depriving us from sleep
And from the nutrition we need
The crucial question may arise:
WHAT is REALLY important in our lives”?

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Health News

Six in 10 food ads on TV push junk food, new study finds
Natural News

Is modern medicine a form of death by design?
Natural News

How big technology companies control the minds of the masses through smart phone addiction
Health Impact News

Jury ruled Monsanto liable in case of man dying of cancer after using weedkiller

Blue litght is making us blind say researchers

Otto Warburg and Cancer
Dr Sircus IMVA

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The U.S. intelligence community wants to use DNA as the next data storage trove
Natural News

Sex Kitten Programming/Pedophile Symbols (Ping Pong, Ice Cream, Pizza) found in Katy Perry Video ‘ This is how we do’

Al Perrotta, 8-7-18… “So what is ‘Q’… and why is MSM suddenly targeting it?”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Jordan Sather 8-12-18… “My thoughts on filming for Comedy Central to talk QAnon”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Headlines and Updates for August 12, 2018: Le Grand Melange (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Google’s master plan

Who or what is in our skies?

Benjamin Fulford 8-13-18… “China AI ‘Goddess” and the East/West AI competition
Kauilapele’s Blog

Key to Freedom Meditation Final Update (Please share)

Key to Freedom Meditation final Update (A bit late, I hope we will live in Freedom soon, important to join this meditation!)
The Portal

It could become a tradition
To follow the core of each religion
To love thyself as thy neighbour
Your loved ones as well as a stranger

How come we didn’t listen

To the part that was missing
The most important passage
With a message:

To get involved
And to evolve:
Respecting Connecting

Because when You + ME

Become Us, WE
We may accept each personality
As part of Humanity



I am a human

I came to the conculsion
That life is an illusion
With a lot of intrusion
It leads to confusions
The only solution
Is to accept that I am a human

In life I often got lost
I no longer recognize who I once was
But who I really am
I still don’t quite understand

Health News

Are you taking these prescription drugs that cause memory loss?
Natural News

Restore your bladder, lose your mind Oxybutynin bladder drug found to drastically increase the risk of dementia
Natural News

Chemotherapy found to stop new brain cells from growing, worsening depression in brain cancer patients
Natural News

Vaccines Truth – HPV Gardasil Vaccine interview with Dr. Deirde Little
Natural News

I know girls who have received the Gardasil Vaccine, but personally I haven’t heard stories about the negative side effects after they received their vaccines.
15 Year old French girl’s “descent into Hell after Gardasil Vaccine – Wheelchair bound and paralyzed
Health Impact News

Vaccines – Gardasil victim Brittany speaks out after 2 years (Video)
Natural News

Dr. Robert Abeil – Cholersterol (Video)
Natural News

Scientists confirm: Genius brain function can be spontaneously unleashed in humans without any apparent cause
Natural News

Farmer converts 40.000 Acres into largest Organic Farm in Canada

The attack on homeopathy and your right to choose

Natural Measles Immunity–Better Protection and more long-term benefits than vaccines
World Mercury Project

Suicide Epidemic relates to spiritual vacuum
Eben Alexander

This is and article about Rachel Ray’s dog food brand sued over glyphosate herbicide contamination claims, while labeled “all natural”
Natural News

(Ok, this is not related to Health News, but I found it !)
very interesting
I’ve had a theory about Aliens for years, and I’m watching it all come true
Collective Evolution

News 6,7,8,9 August, 2018

Late financial headlines for August 7, 2018: Delete Facebook (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The plan unfolds; Trump, QAnon , SerialBrain2 and the war Drummer launch the next phase (videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

August 8, 2018: The Lion’s Gate & Trump and Sessions playing the Cosmic Game (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Late Headlines for August 8: What was hidden is being exposed (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

MSM Journalist exposes Western, gulf arming terrorists in Syria
Activist Post

Erased History; How Rockefeller bankrolled Soviet Russia
Activist Post

#QAnon #Q Post #1822 (8-6-18)… Highlights… “You are witnessing a FULL PANIC ATTACK by the FAKE NEWS MEDIA & COVERT ALT MEDIA AFFILIATES”
Kauilapele’s Blog

8-6-18… Alex Jones, Infowars, banned by Google, Spotify, YouTube, Apple (Tunes… Welcome to 1984!
Kauilapele’s Blog

James Gilliland 8-7-18… “Lame Stream Media, Q, Fueless Energy, Natural and Energy Cures”
Kauilapele’s Blog

x22Report video 8-7-18… “It’s all about to intensify, brace yourself, divided no more”
Kauilapele’s Blog

Do you want to know what the FISA Court Documents reveal? Here they are
Activist Post

FMR Education Secretary admits US Students are failing because Education System “runs on lies”
Activist Post

Record being beaten – by a 10-year old?

(When Benjamin’s Fulford Full Report will be out I will post it here)
FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 8-6-18… “Secret societies, secret services and religions: The current balance of power”
Kauilapele’s Blog

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