They say we live in a Democracy

But from my own philosophy
There is a lot of bureaucracy 

Our Democracy is ‘hypocrisy’

I feel restricted
When rules are twisted
Choices predicted
My life is scripted

Instead of feeling imprisoned
I prefer to make my decisions
And to listen
To my own intuition

It is why I plea
To feel free
To find the key
To be true to me

People may not agree with me, and of course it’s everybody’s own choice. I know many do feel that they can make their own decisions, and I am aware that there are many countries where people don’t live in freedom.
But I have the feeling that I can only make choices, from options that are given to me. I am not free to choose what feels good for me.
For example, when I become sick, I can make a choice from the options made by our own Health system.
Europe wants to make vaccinations mandatory (not yet in Holland) this gives me a very creepy feeling. But also living in a free country but I have nothing to say about the Monsanto/Bayer merging. These are big events that take place behind the backs of the people.
When we try to make our own choices or speak out what is on our mind, we are often ridiculed.