Back home. Lots of things going on this beautiful Planet, also in my own life! There is a feeling that time and events in life are ‘accelerating’!
It is important to stay focused on your own feelings and to follow your intuition. Don’t get caught in the ‘blame-game’ but look at it from a ‘distance’. See what is happening and stay centered.

This is an important post about the Cobra Update from 9-1-1: “keyhole Situation Update” (KP). Don’t forget to click on all the links…
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Dauntless dialogue 9-1-18… “#13 James Gilliland | Winning the war against the Deep State”
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Neon Revolt 9-1-18… “Catching up with #NewQ. The 59 Drop Mega-Post! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NeonRevolt”
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Powerful Video from ECETI (8-24-18)… “UFOs: The uncontrolled narrative FULL MOVIE
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Benjamin Fulford 9-3-18… “‘Good side’ of Rothschild family says Trump will stage financial reset”
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Who was behind the assassination of Aleksandr Zakharchenko?
Covert Geopolitics

Michael Salla: QAnon reveals Deep State Nazi connection & attempt to foment US Russia War

Late headlines and Updates for September 1, 2018; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

“The Office of Poofness” Stand tall 9-2-19

Dijsselbloem: Greece should have been grateful for European Aid, kept mouth shut
(Personally I believe the whole financial crisis in Greece was all about saving the banks, it had nothing to do with helping the people!)

White Helmets change plan for False-Flag Chemical attack in Idlib
Veterans Today

Health News
5 Good reasons you should avoid fluoridated water
Karma Yoga Daily

Psych drug abuse by children skyrocketing across America as Big Pharma rakes it in
Natural News

Japan has the lowest infant mortality rate following ban on Mandatory Vaccinations
Health Impact News

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