It is worth

Being on Earth
Experiencing my re-birth
Sunlight I embrace
Cleaning my inner space
Warming my face
From afar
I see the Stars
Reflecting my memoirs
I am in tune
And commune
With the Moon
These elements play a big role
Achieving my goal
In freeing my Soul

We are living in an unique time. Many people feel that the ground beneath their own feet is disappearing, that there is a big gap, because everything they believed in is gone, all their securities are falling away.
My own feeling is, that we are entering a new way of experiencing life, and although many people in my own environment are suffering and one of my dogs is seriously ill, I hold on to this vision of change coming our way.
It doesn’t mean that I am not upset about the thought of loosing my dog or  that I don’t care about all these people who are experiencing a hard time. It means that I am trying to keep my vision clear for myself. I believe that we are soon entering a time of even more chaos but underneath this upheaval something new will come. I do not only believe in it I am convinced that this will happen.
When I look ‘past’ all the chaos I feel calm and my emotions don’t rule my life anymore. There are many people who are working very hard for the sake of humanity. They may not believe it or see it, it doesn’t matter, it matters only what you believe in. Let go of old thought forms and believe systems and try to be flexible in this time. The only limitations are your own thoughts. Maybe you can help someone sharing your positive vision but when people are not open for this “New World” you have to let it go and just be there and wait until they open up to new ideas and possibilities.

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