Say ‘Welcome’
To the Sun

Hidden in everyone
It is a golden piece
Feel it with every Heart beat
Where your Sun has its seat
Brush away the dirt
All the occurred 
And that hurt
Now behold
Of A new story being told
Recognizing your own Sun of gold

Everything we have learned we actually need to ‘unlearn’, starting over again where we need to focus on our own personality as the starting point.
When you look at your television, watching a movie or when you follow the news, you are looking at a pack of lies, but we accept them as our ‘Truths”

Everybody has something very unique, and many people carry ‘a label’, but remember: ‘Every single person is very special’!. It is time to take back the power residing inside us and to treat everyone as a human being.

At this point in life, many people live in poverty, experiencing bad health conditions, etc. But actually there is no lack of anything. The only problem is, it is in the wrong hands! There is more than enough money and healthy nutrition. There are many healing possibilities and  solutions available for us to bring back abundance and great Health on this planet!
Now is the time to claim our freedom. We need to stand together and look past our differences. take our Power back and have faith in our own Being.

Each one of us, has her/his own magic. It is important to realize that we are made of pure magic, instead of being dependent on other ‘important’ people and their industry.
Time to realize that what we think affects our wellbeing, it affects our body, believing that when we grow older we get sick and then we will die. It happens in our reality because we all believe this. We have been told  these “Truths” from the day we were born. But our body (cells, atoms, particles) listens to our instructions they listen to what we have to say. We all believe that we are stuck with our DNA and there is little to do about it, it means that we are all victims and that is the way we treat ourselves and each other.

Start talking to yourself in a loving way, Be conscious of what you say to yourself, choose the right words, reassure yourself that you are always safe in your own company. Take your responsibility, accept every part of yourself and love yourself unconditionally, no matter what you have done or thought! Every minute we are changing, what happened in the past, we need to deal with and then let it go forever, get it out of your system.
It will be our greatest challenge which we will need to face: ‘Trusting ourselves’ again. Listening to the answers that we carry inside.

Personally I lost my fear for death and failure years ago. I don’t see death as the end, because I believe in life after death. Listen to the videos about a near death experience on the 31st of July, 2018 lia wijnbergen
I don’t believe in failures but in lessons. Failures give us a negative feeling, while believing in lessons has a positive affect.
In psychology they always talk about ‘a setback’ but actually it is gaining your wisdom to move forward taking the next step on your journey to become whole again.
I went through terrible times myself, and I failed and failed and failed! At least that is what I (and others) thought at that time. Now I realize that nothing could really happen to me, because a failure doesn’t really exist!

I already told my story about how I suffered from severe depression and anxiety  for nearly 20 years. I didn’t want to go to a psychiatrist because it didn’t feel right for me. I sought a different, alternative way of healing. There are many ways to deal with our problems. I made my own choice, against the advise of many many people and I found my own solution for my problems.
Maybe many people have had good experiences solving their problems in a traditional way, but I see wonderful people who can’t deal with their ‘problems’ in a traditional way, believing they are a hopeless case.

We are arriving at a turning point in our History, where we can no longer deny ourselves. The emotions are coming to the surface now, and they are overwhelming us in every way. These emotions arise from the depths of our being to be dealt with, welcome them. We can not just put them aside with pills and keep denying them, it will not work anymore. It is a confrontation with ourselves with all the fears and old issues that we kept ignoring. It will set us free, because it isn’t a negative thing but it will give us a  positive insight, to find our way to move forward.

The Old’ is fading away, and we need to create ‘The New” together embracing ourselves first before we can accept and see each other for whom we really are.

Start to see yourself as a creator with superpower and use it in a positive loving way!

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