BREAKING! 53 Year old woman says Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually harassed her at Yale (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Benjamin Fulford 9-24-18… “Khazarian mafia seeks Chinese protection as military tribunals loom”
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Not in our name: A legal and moral declaration and pledge of non-cooperation issued by concerned Roman Catholic Clergy

Emergency Report: Signed Executive Orders real Trump is planning Mass Arrests, Military Tribunals for Deep State traitors (Video)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Headlines and Updates for September 23, 2018: Inhale the future; exhale the past (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Arrests any day now; Full audit of IRS, NSA servers down (Video)

UK begged Trump not to declassify Russia Docs cited “Grave Concerns” over Steele involvement

History of Chemical Weapons use & complicity in War Crimes

Dr Michael Salla, 9-22-18… “Trump confirms Q claims of UK & Deep State declassification”
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Alliance tightening noose on the Deep State
Covert Geopolitics

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Massive craft/UFO @ ECETI 22nd of Sep 2018 (Video)

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September Equinox 2018: The true fall, forever Summer

Harvest Full Moon has arrived…
World Metamorhposis

BZ, Lisa, and Sheila 9-21-18… “Absolute Data of Gaia Portal September 15th and 19th 2018”
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