Get on your feet
To meet on the streets
Tired of sitting in the back seat
No longer willing to let our Hearts bleed
Or ends meet
We, the little sheep

Are no longer meek
Or weak

Time to seek
Those that will lead

And have Truths to speak
We no longer want our History to repeat

I refuse
To listen to the news
To all the excuses
And to all that confuses
To words that delude
Instead I choose
To listen to those that soothe
And tell us the Truth
To create a bright future for our youth

We need to keep a light on for all the people who are seeking…, who feel so lost in these challenging times.
It is a very difficult time to follow our own path through “The Land of Politics” searching for “The Truth”.
We The People (The Majority) have been lied to time and again. Don’t look at each other as ‘the enemy’ because we are companions traveling together on our journey in life.
We are not our religion, work, skin color, label etc but we are Human beings with feelings.
We are not different although we have different characters, but deep in our Hearts we are looking for the same thing: ‘Peace and Freedom’.

Why do we work hard every day to make ends meet? At night when we turn off  the light and another has gone by, what did this day bring us? Did it bring us joy, love, happiness or did it bring us more worries and stress?
Why do we pay outrageous taxes without knowing where our money goes?
Why do we trust institutions like Insurance Companies and Banks with our money while they see it as a toy to play with?
Why do we consume food that is toxic, and the only interest of Food Companies is to make big profits?
Why do we pay for Health Care while Big Pharma is becoming richer and richer every day?
Why do we trust our children to be in a system that doesn’t educate but puts them in an environment where their own personality is taken away?
Why do we give our children vaccines without asking critical questions. And if we do we are seen as irresponsible.

People feel stressed, depressed and anxious. Deep inside it doesn’t feel right. Many children don’t feel safe or at home in such a hostile environment. They have this little voice inside that wants to speak out and tell the World that they often feel helpless or hopeless.
Many adults and even young children are in distress because of the pressure caused by the system we are living in. They are not crazy or weird, they don’t have to be treated for feeling the way they do, we just have to listen to what they have to say!!!
It is we who have to stand up for the sake of our children and to say no more!
Wake up and tell the people at the top, to stop!

My personal opinion is that President Trump and President Putin are working together with an Alliance to take down The Deep State. Many people will not agree with me, because they see these men as their enemy. But even if we don’t agree we shouldn’t attack each other but stand up together and ask, no demand for The Truth to be told with evidence, because behind all the smoke and mirrors there is REAL proof.
Stand up as one and let’s get the job done!

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