When you crossed the ‘bridge’

Did your ‘life’ immediately switch
Did you have a smooth ride
Going to the other side
Now is the time for you to rest
After all ‘Earth’s tests’
I am dealing with my feeling
Finding a purpose of your leaving

I will try to be brave
But please tell me that you are safe
Exposed to deep scars

I want to feel your strong arms
I am begging
To give me a sign from Heaven
I wish I could call Heaven’s phone
To talk to you whenever I feel alone


Even if we belief in ‘an after life’ or if we have no fear for death, it is very difficult to let go of a loved one! It hurts inside, and we have to deal with this ’empty feeling’, when we are no longer able to have physical contact with the person we loved so much! We often feel left behind, with an open wound in our Heart, as if everything in our life has no meaning any more.

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