Do you recognize the frustration
And the miscommunication
When your mission in a situation
Is to try to change the other in your relation

But it is true
The only thing you can do
For you
Is to change your attitude and view

Do you recognize the situation when ‘your project’s is to change the other? And did you succeed?
It is pure frustration for both sides and usually there is a negative atmosphere around this or that subject. Sometimes it even involves a group of people. The strange thing is, you can only change yourself. You can change your attitude towards the subject. Sometimes you need to heal a negative experience before you can deal with the situation in a different way. When you change your attitude towards a situation the whole situation is seen in a different way and the energy around the situation feels totally different.

Godfrey Bloom says it all in 21 November 2013, (European Parliament):
The State is an institution of theft – Murray Rothbard
(European Parliament, Strasbourg, 21 November 2013)

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