We have been told

The perfect family lives down the road
They seem to have a heart of gold 

A perfect reputation
Wealth and beauty, a great combination
Their children received the best education

But behind closed doors
Each night there seems to be a war
The wonderful husband kicks her on the floor

In her sleep she weeps
Tired of all the beating
While for love she was seeking

She felt as a great looser
Shame and guilt caused inner bruises
Now she is addicted to the booze

The liquor keeps her going
With always a knowing
That her fear inside keeps growing…

What we see is not what we get. We might envy the lives of other people, we may even be jealous. But what goes on behind closed doors, we often have no idea of.
Many women, men and children live in a very difficult situations.
Don’t judge, because a smile can hide many tears. Try to be open and listen to the stories of other people, each home has its own cross!

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