The system of our money

Makes our world go ‘funny’
It seems to be quite cruel
While some swim in their ‘money pool’
And worry about the color of their dress
The lives of many are a mess
It rules our lives in every way
Do we really want this system to stay?
We need to be aware:
Our money is created out of thin air!!!

Money was created to exchange goods. It has been part of our history for the last 3000 years. A system of battering was used before, a direct exchange of goods and services.
Now money has become a product.
If we have a lot of it, we are afraid to lose it, if we don’t have enough to pay our bills, we have a big problem.
But if you really think of it, we are all stressed out because of a system that is actually a soap bubble, it can burst any time! It just makes no sense at all!
Another link that explains our history of money in a very simple way:
Finance: The History of money (combined)YouTube

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