When parents divorce
Children believe they are the cause
Always divided
Trying to hide it

They often feel bad
They love mom and dad
They want to stay loyal
While their emotions boil:

Their dreams went bust
The Hearts crushed
Now they need to adjust
To find a new way to trust

It is a fact
A divorce has a great impact
Children young, old or a teen
They always feel ‘in between’

When the problems between two people in a marriage can’t be solved, everybody is better off to take ‘a different road in life’. A divorce causes pain, hurtful feelings with a lot of consequences for both sides. In general we see anger and frustration taking place between the parents while their children seem to feel ‘in between’. Why do children need to suffer so much? Many people are involved in a divorce, not only the parents and their children, but also grandparents, family, friends, etc.
A divorce leaves a hole in the hearts, a hole in their lives for everybody who is involved…


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