In the (near?) future when we look back on our present history, what will we say?

Once upon a time dear children
We as civilians
Believed we were brilliant
We held on to a vision
Driven by money and ambition
Neglecting the poverty of billions
Our planet became a prison

Now I tell you with shame
Our lives were lame
We lived in a mind frame
Where scientists would claim
And diagnose many as ‘not sane’
We had a few aims:
To have a high IQ of the brain
To become famous and put our name
On the wall of fame

We of the human race
Never believed in life in space
We had our base
On earth as our birth place
We always did debate
That exploring space was a time waste
But now we embrace
The idea: ‘To other civilizations we relate
Now forever we live in a ‘higher’ mind state

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