It may take a while
Before you find your smile
Through a circumstance
Or it disappeared
Because of things you feared
A smile uplifts your brain

Don’t ever let it go again!
A smile ‘breakthrough’
Is of great value
Touching the Hearts of others
Of your sisters and brothers
It is very easy to wear
You and your smile may become a ‘handsome pair’

The Prime Ministers National apology (Full speech) 22 October 2018

Ex USAF Colonel & Boeing engineer explains what really happened during Apollo 13
Collective Evolution

The US Military is now recruiting soldiers who were born after 9/11
Collective Evolution

Actual Scientist: “Climate Change is a scam!”
Abel Danger

Headlines and Updates for October 22, 2018: Crisis Management required (Videos)
Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Flashback 1988: “Get ready for a world currency by 2018” – The Economist Magazine (This article shows that ‘our rulers’ have been planning for something big to happen long ago. But remember this is of the old way of thinking! We are indeed going to change big time, but in a different direction. In a direction that is brand new, that benefits all of us. The old is going to disappear.

Health News:
Arizona cancels vaccine program after backlash from parents who don’t vaccinate

Health Ranger explains why you should be reading
Natural News

Different News:
Gigi Young; ET Timelines, Atlantis, UFOs & sovereign Spirituality

Other News:
Was this Luftwaffe pilot reincarnated as a boy from Middlesbrough? How Carl Edon started sharing eerily accurate memories of flying a second world war bomber as a young child

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